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The Damned-Chalmar Stroman by HugaDuck The Damned-Chalmar Stroman by HugaDuck
Finished the first half of the character designs for The Damned. Wanted to get all my mains figures out in my head. A few of these guys will probably get full blown reference pages later in the future as some come back in Politically Incorrect to wreak more havoc. For now, just some sketchy pages of me trying to figure out how the hell to draw them all.... >.> Also, brief descriptions with few details as I am actively writing this one and don't want to give too much away.


Chalmar Stroman (Later Chadrik Smith)

Chalmar is the second main character of The Damned and also is a main in Politically Incorrect. In TD, he is an Allgemeine SS put in position in Akterdau for the purpose of uncovering a suspected pocket of resistance. Chalmar is forever desperate to prove himself the best of the best and jumps into everything he's presented with at full throttle, many times missing little details that later prove to be important. Through the coarse of TD, he's tricked by Florian into an odd sort of friendship that Florian uses to feed him false information and pry other things out of him. Chalmar is usually incredibly sharp, but is completely blindfolded by trust in Florian, who uses the misplaced trust to slowly chip away at Chalmar's grip on things in Akterdau and inevitably brings Chalmar to his knees by the end.
Chalmar has been interesting to develop and will be interesting to write with, as he is first presented as the main antagonist, but as the story progresses, more and more of his humanity is revealed, removing him farther and farther from the position of "bad guy," which leads into Politically Incorrect where he is completely confused about where he stands.

It's also going to be the running and subtly hidden joke in TD that Chalmar can never keep his boots cleaned. Ever.

Fun Fact: I'm so mad. Why did they have to freaking change the Allgemeine uniforms?? The black uniforms are so badass and intimidating. But no. Had to switch to gray. You suck, Himmler.

Story, Characters- :iconpicklejelloz:

Coyote-Pro Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2015  Hobbyist
Dang I can't keep my boots cleaned either xI
I feel your pain Chalmar...
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
He's glad someone understands the struggle.
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