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Terrence - (Tozic Redesign) by HugaDuck Terrence - (Tozic Redesign) by HugaDuck
So after trashing White Roses I felt like I needed to revive the characters in some way, shape, or form. The cast for that story line contains some of the oldest characters I have and didn't feel right to just leave them in the dust.
So I started working on a new story line that takes the WR characters and brings them back to personalities and designs closer to their original versions as Invader Zim fancharacters. I'd debated between a futuristic/sci-fi setting to fit more with TEW and this 20s Italian mobsters AU I'd played around with, Sci-fi won, but I'm trying to bring in some 20s/30s feel and elements from the AU.
 I've been doing a lot of development on this story line and once I get some things together, am excited to work more with it. Buuuut at the same time, I'm still doing a lot of development for The Damned and Politically Incorrect so progress is questionable. XD

Tozic was one of my IZFCs who never made it into WR. I mean... that's because he was a demon... >.> A very poorly developed and theologically incorrect demon.
If there's one thing Tozic's character taught me, trying to mix Preternatural characters with political and societal themes isn't all that good and ends up in a horribly developed mess. I mean, TEW isn't all that bad for being the work of my middle school self if I took Tozic and Azillia out of the mix... It's 50x better without them.

So I sucked it up and "un-demonized" Tozic and created Terrence "Hades" Leszczynski. He's all the badass Tozic was and none of the preternatural.

-- not a demon; is now a sort of private investigator

-- Gave him dogs because I need to learn how to draw animals that aren't horses......

-- Add another kid to my ever growing Jewish cast. He and Tobias can hang out and blow things up.

-- The rings on Tozic's antenna are now cuffs. C: Because badass private investigators wear cuffs.

-- Trying to lighten up his old color scheme of black, blue, and, red. I thought... yellow seems like a good color for a dangerous, gun-slinging man.

-- He's got 5 daughters and is a beast at making PBJ sandwiches. Because that's just what badass men do.

-- Once again, as in TEW, he gets tangled up tugging Koty around and has a passionate hate for Zane. Well... most people have a passionate hate for Zane....

-- He's one of my few characters who's part of the upper class. It's a rarity that I bless a kid financially.

-- He has insane tattoos. I destroyed my wrist designing them. Will post later.

Terrence Leszczynski - :iconpicklejelloz:
SymbioteNinja Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016
Aweesome. Do you do requests?
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No, I do not, sorry.
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