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TEW ResistanceGroup LineUp by HugaDuck TEW ResistanceGroup LineUp by HugaDuck
INTRODUCING~~(and re-introducing some)
9 of the main Resistance characters in The Enemy Within.

There are a few more characters who will make an appearance on the Resistance, but these 9 are the most mentioned/most important. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but laziness is a killer XP

Lin’Rinare “Lin”
~~~ Lin’Rinare is pretty much the founder and leader of the whole facility. She and a secret group of Vortains had suspicions about their allies, the Irkens, for quite a while, and was well prepared when the Invasion Plan was put into action. Lin had already made herself well acquainted with the Kauxhiks on the planet Mala, (where the base is set up) and made friends amongst the Draxelainians, (Irk’s worst enemy). She speaks with a cockney British accent, and is very blunt and to the point. Her drive to beat down the Irken Empire often causes her to make poor decisions regarding the safety of those at the base, but normally can get herself back on track and thinking clearly before anything too terrible happens.

~~~ Hazrel, a battle experienced Draxelainian, is Lin’Rinare’s right hand man. He helps in many of the strategic plans, and is handy with a bow and arrow. For the most part, he’s a quiet guy, but is not afraid to voice his opinions when need be. He has absolutely no respect for any of the Irken rebels at the base, and doesn’t like having them around. For the most part, he’s a guy you’d rather stay away from, and most definitely don’t want to be in trouble with.

~~~ Click is one of the head mechanics of the facility. He’s called Click because no one can actually pronounce his real name. All the people at the base speak languages that can be learned or at least spoken by others except for his. Click’s language consists of whistles, pops and clicks that no one else is able to make. Working with him can be a bit of a hassle, because of the communication barrier, but Click makes things easier, being  a patient and lighthearted individual. He also works close hand with the base’s language officers on learning at least to understand what the other is saying.

Quilla Hatkallamyn
~~~ Quilla is one of the two head language officers. Don’t let her size and demeanor fool you, she’s actually a middle aged adult. (Kauxhiks are relatively smaller than the majority of races on the base.) An extremely quick learner, Quilla has almost mastered 6 alien languages, and knows the basics of a few others. Being the most fluent amongst all other personnel on base, she’s always running her feet off, using her skills everywhere she possibly can to make things run more smoothly. She’s typically very easy to get along with, and is very respectful to all life.

~~~ Kith is the base’s sole journalist. She works closely with the base’s communication officers and plays a huge role in managing the relaying of information to other Resistance bases spread throughout. On top of that, she helps to keep moral up with witty short stories and writing journals on on-goings around the facility. She has a slight Swedish accent.

--- the last four are one of the Base’s medical teams, which Krei becomes closely associated with. So I can guarantee you, they’re going to get pretty battered up. :I ---

~~~ Kat is Kith’s older sister. Before the Invasion began, she was in training to be a nurse, but also helped her father around at his shop. Thus, she’s a helpful addition to the base’s medics, and also handy when it comes to mechanical work around the base. Kat is pretty much Krei’s crazed fangirl within the story line. She loves him to death, but Krei himself is not remotely interested. Despite the fact that she sometimes annoys Krei, she’s typically very sweet and a friend of all on the base. Kat also speaks with a slight Swedish accent.

~~~ Atikalla is a highly trained Draxelainian medic. Second in command of the little group, Atikalla comes off as an emotionless, stoic person at first, but she cares a great deal for her team and will do anything to keep them safe. She’s talented in hand-to-hand combat, and is the most agile in the team. Aside from being  a medic, Atikalla makes for a great therapist, surprisingly, being able to read people very well and knowing a great deal of tricks to calming minds, relieving stress, and helping others to solve their issues.

~~~ Elias had a medical degree on Irk until his PAK was found out to be fake by a coworker who blackmailed him, and pretty much, forced Elias to take off as quickly as possible. He later found and joined Lin’Rinare’s Resistance force and was put onto the medical team which he’s on now. Elias is a rather skittish individual, not trusting of new situations, and always the first to assume the worst. Being a PAKless, he’s very prone to diseases from being exposed to all the different races, and falls ill quite frequently. When his minds clear and he’s in good health though, he’s loyal to his team, and quick to respond to orders, even if he thinks they’re all going to die anyways.

Corporal Adrian Wesley
~~~ CPL Wesley is a war vet from his home planet. He comes off as a cranky, snappy old man who’ll find everything he can find wrong with you, but similar to Atikalla, he’s really quite the sweetheart. If you catch him in a good mood, he’s usually more than willing to tell some of his overly detailed stories of war, his favorite being how he was tortured for information once, having his right wing sawed and pulled off, but didn’t spill a single detail. He never fails to leave out a single gory feature. Having a lot of prior medical training, he’s the head of the mentioned team, and does his best to pull them through every assignment.

~~Thanks to :iconcuddlesandhuggles: for doing Elias’s design for me! All credit for that goes to her <3
Love his attenasssoooomuch <3

All characters~ :iconpicklejelloz:
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ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Betta132 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013   General Artist
I love all these guys. The last guy reminds me of Transformers Ratchet... And Click is adorable!
Hmm... I wonder... I have a character who has a damaged voicebox. It's too badly wrecked for most conventional languages, but he can manage a fairly wide range of clicking, snapping, and popping noises. He's fairly good with languages... He might be able to pick up a little bit of Click's language, although the fact that he's otherwise mute means that it wouldn't really help translate. Random thought. 
MaliForger894 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Student Filmographer
Every one of these guys are awesome! And I recognize the two Draxelainians from your stream a while ago. <3

And I absolutely LOVE (times 100) Wesley's wings!! There're just so.....afhguegfaj X3
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
<3 thaanksyouuu ^^ 
Ah yis, I was really lazy, so I just copied the line art over and drew on their normal cloths. the one I was working on earlier was going to serve as an example of their tattoos.

that mechanical one's design took SOOO long to do, but I really wanted to do something kind of steampunkish

glad you like them ^^
MaliForger894 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Student Filmographer

Welcomes! ^w^

lol I kinda figured. The laziness strikes again!

Well you succeeded on the steampunk look to it. Reminds me a tad bit of the movie '9' (I have no clue if you know what I'm talking about) <|D And I do, so very much, like them! ^^  

CuddlesAndHuggles Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
X'3 thanks
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