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Sven  Adriiki by HugaDuck Sven  Adriiki by HugaDuck

  Proper Villainy is one is my oldest original story line. PV takes stereotypical fantasy elements and either plays off of them, or flat out goes the opposite direction. It’s got what you’d expect in a fantasy setting, dragons, magic, elves, ect but also throws in more modern (around 1920s) technology, slang, terminology, and other things you wouldn’t expect to find in a true fantasy world. It also plays huge off of the heroes vs villains theme, turning Heroism and Villainy into occupational jobs, and even an art form. The story focuses primarily on the struggle of the two main characters to get accepted into the Admoore Society of Villainy, (ASV).

Being my oldest story line, /perhaps around seven years/ it’s got a lot of development, and it’s still something I really have hopes for publishing someday, but I rarely work on it or draw the characters. I’d done up reference pages for the four main characters a long time ago, but never got around to posting them. Happened to give Sven a recent redesign and found them again. Had to redraw both Sven and Celeste and fix details on Greg and Kalla, (as they no longer looked very good to me), but I’m finally getting around to posting them, even if I don’t work with them too much after this.

Not going to elaborate on what happens in the story line as I’m rather protective of some of the elements of this story line (I swear Megamind bugged my house and stole from me, it’s not fair I got so mad watching that movie because I saw my originality going down the drain >:I ) so I’ll just say a bit about the characters so that if I do draw more of them in the future, they won’t be total strangers to my dA page, as I realized my folder for PV is completely empty. 8I


Full Name: Tehasvesiin Adriiki – goes by “Sven” as humans stumble over pronouncing his name --
Age: 19 years
Height: 5’7’’
Religion: //haven’t named or developed it yet, but it’s unique to his race//
Story Line: Proper Villainy


Ever since being a little kid, Sven has been in love with heroism and villainy, keeping a stack of memoirs, biographies and stories of members of the Society of Heroism given to him by a family friend. However, the Societies, especially in the surrounding regions, are consistent entirely of humans and the Ikkarcians, a centralized and few-in-number race of elves have been at odds and ends with the surrounding human cities. This tension exploded when he was a child when a renegade group of Ikkarcians initiated a dragon attack on a group of fishing towns. This destroyed all hopes of the two races making peace, and also destroyed Sven’s chances of getting into the Admoore Society of Heroism. Not wanting to go back home so his family could say, “told you so,” Sven employed his other passion of books, languages, and writing, and took up work at a book store in a town tolerant of “his type,” where he, for the most part, mans the town’s only printing press and fixes books. You know, jobs that can be done out of sight and out of mind. Chance #2 comes along when Greg passes through and the two meet, ending with Greg proposing they both go to apply to the Admoore Society of Villainy as a team, the ASV tending to be more open doored. (I mean heck, they’ve had women for half a century longer than the ASH!!) He eventually gets Sven, who’s exceedingly unhappy with his current life, to agree, even though Sven had never once debated becoming a professional villain, or has any villainous qualities. But hey, he knows a few fancy fire tricks and someone’s got to be there to think Greg’s crazy ass plans through.


Random Details:

-Sven comes from a family of nobility. The symbol up in the reff page is the crest on a ring he has. Sven has thus incredibly good schooling, he’s knows etiquette through and through, and in some places, can throw his last name around as a card in the deck. However, he really tries to downplay his heritage, taking on the persona of a more middle class individual. In fact, Greg doesn’t find out about him until Kalla catches onto minor details in his mannerisms and calls him out.

-His crazy hair is part of his “commoner act.” Ikkarcian nobility stresses control and order. His hair style defies that, especially on humid days. He has to try and pull it back when he visits home lest he face being lectured.

-He’s by nature a peaceful person. He’ll do anything to avoid conflict unless you’ve really ticked him off. This doesn’t serve him well in the course of the plot…

-He likes to use the “elf magic” cop out. That’s where someone asks how he did something, or how something works, and he doesn’t want to explain so he just shrugs and says “it’s elf magic.” He’s really good at this whole “fantasy theme” thing.

-Sven can speak and write seven languages, two being considered, “ancient.” A lot of his schooling was translating, transliterating, and transcribing.

-He has the most perfect handwriting ever.

-He’s extroverted at his core, and feeds heavily off of the excitement or passion of those around him. Hence by working in that book store was killing him. Books don’t tend to express a lot of excitement or passion…. being inanimate and all….

-The first version of him EVER was a dragon. That was a dark time in my life


Playlist includes:

Royals – LORDE
Happy – Pharrell Williams
Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson
High Society- Louis Armstrong (from High Society)
Fight Song – Rachel Platten
Just Like Fire – P!nk
The Bomb – Pigeon John


Sven - :iconhugaduck:
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