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Sunday Drizzle by HugaDuck Sunday Drizzle by HugaDuck
Little sketch I did for a friend. Niklas and his girlfriend, Violette. Niklas, of course, is mine. One of the HJs from The Damned. After the war, he moves to Paris, France with Philippe, (I've posted a little on him, but he essentially saved Niklas' ass) and meets my friend's character Violette Bellamy. (I rarely merge characters with friends, but I wasn't doing anything with him post-war(TD) so I was like, okay fine I won't kill him, you can have him.)
We've been RPing and developing them a lot. Since I wasn't allowed to kill Niklas, I hit him pretty hard with PTSD related issues and have been doing  a hella lotta research and reading from people's experiences. I now know what to do if someone near me is having a seizure.....

But anyways, did this sketch of them for a friend. He gets anxious in crowds, she's scared of rain, but they do a fairly decent job of helping each other through things.

Thinking I'm going to start uploading some of the short stories I've been writing.
And I've been writing a hella lot.
I've got like a small novel's worth here.

So at least I'll have things up here in dA and no one can say I never explained or talked about my characters, people will just have to take the time to read a few pages if they care enough.
And then I can post more of my drawings here and not feel guilty.

Niklas- :iconpicklejelloz:
Vee - :iconcurlyhaireddork:
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August 13, 2016
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