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Stress Doodles Galore by HugaDuck Stress Doodles Galore by HugaDuck
Here you can observe a large quantity of doodles from the latter months of this semester, and see the varying levels of Kyra's stress.

Most of these were done in class. The masses of chaos in the center are from a super stressful week... >.>
I think Tobias singing Rammstein and the many panicked faces of Chalmar Stromann are my favorite in this mess. Would throw color at a few of them, but I have other things to color and gift art to work on.

All characters are mine except there's a Marie there near the top who belongs to :iconcurlyhaireddork:

Also Ducky. Ducky is back. For like.. one sketch.
I need excuses to draw him.
bgavagross Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017
Always love seeing your work. Never fails to make me smile.
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks!!! Glad I can do so!!
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