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St Basil The Great by HugaDuck St Basil The Great by HugaDuck
I drew something, what?! WHAAAAT?!

I'm so tired, guys, it's not funny anymore.

Uuuugh, so amidst everything else I have to do, another teacher went ahead and said, "PROJECT DUE WEDNESDAY!"
I was internally sobbing and flipping desks over going, "No. Stahp. Do you not understand how many other things we poor students of yours have been assigned?! We are dyyyyiiiiiinng!! I have become a coffee drinker....  I HATE COFFEE!!! <8U
But anyways, I had like... almost 2 weeks to do this project but didn't even have time to look at it until the other night, when I decided to sacrifice a Chemistry and a math assignment, and progress on my term paper to sit down and do it. Took two evenings but I finished. XP
The entire project wasn't hard, just very very time consuming.

But on the bright side, I GOT TO DRAW SOMETHING!!!
I love things that require one to draw. :I And use glue sticks... and scissors... and pretty scrapbook paper.....
I've just been sitting at my desk, smearing paper with glue going, "I'M IN MIDDLE SCHOOL AGAIN! AHAAHHAHA! BACK WHEN LIFE WAS EASIER!!" :iconcryforeverplz:

Anywhoo, St. Basil the Great. One of the 35 Doctors of the Church. This guy is my new Spirit Animal.
Sorry Tim Staples and St. Florian and St. Nicholas and St. Catherine and Peter Kreeft. 8I
Basically he was very orthodox and despised heresy.
And he knew way too many Gregory's.

Tried a new style here. Was going off of an icon of him, and somehow, Secret of the Kells style got infused here and there. If you don't know that film, you are dead to me. Best animated movie of all time besides The Road to El Dorado.
Like the lines aren't all that fantastic, and there are some really cheesy moments, but the main thing I love about SoK is the animation style and the STUNNING backgrounds!! SoK style uses as few lines as possible, and tends to be very one-dimensional. The lines slope together and the character designs aren't super detailed, but they still stand out. Backgrounds though..... the style there is more like, "LET'S USE AS MANY LINES AS FREAKING POSSIBLE!!!!" and it's beautiful. 8I

So I worked a little of that style into this. Drew it from memory, so having Brother Aidan as my desktop background since mid January really helped. X'D It was actually kind of hard for me, because it just looked so wrong... with the sash and the sleeve and all so... flat, but I think it worked out pretty well at the end result.

So yep, going to crawl back into my hole now and work on my term paper until 1 am or so..... :I 
Wouldn't expect any more art from me for a while unless a miracle occurs..... >.>

art - :iconpicklejelloz:
Chrissyissypoo19 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Professional General Artist
SECRET OF KELLS!!!! :iconsqueeeeplz: Also, lovely colored pencils! 
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeeeeissssssss!!! *insert spazzmatic spazzing*

Prismacolor, rarely ever used on account of they're expensive. |8I
AnimeArtworks-11 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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