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Some Unecessary Redesigns by HugaDuck Some Unecessary Redesigns by HugaDuck
I almost completely forgot that I did this. Revamped some of my old IZFCs.
I may draw them here and there for the fun of it. Trying to keep with a more cartoony style, mostly due to dissatisfaction with my default style. XD

Challo has been renamed Channing. He's a 19 year old parkour master who after getting his associate's degree decided college was not for him because it's more fulfilling to to back flips over trashcans and moving vehicles. Having been in taekwondo since he was a smol child and holding a 5th degree black belt, he was helping teach young kids until this little team formed.
He's a happy-go-lucky little weirdo who's incurably optimistic. He's kind of the glue that keeps the team together and focused on where they're going. He has all the ideas, though half of them are utterly ridiculous...
Calvin, or Cal, is 24 and still hasn't figured out what he's doing with his life. I mean, the moron got his bachelor's in Communications following his father's advice, ignoring all through his college years, that his passion was in performing. On top of having a killer singing voice when he uses his own, Cal has perfected several celebrity impersonations, (mostly female) and his crowning jewel being Barbara Streisand. However, that wasn't going to pay off his heaping amounts of college debt, he ditched the drag and is now moping around, trying to find SOME way to apply that degree without being told, "we value experience over degree." However, he ends up teaming up with the other guys and ends up making use of his vocal skills after all.
Cal is the oldest and probably the more logical one. He is mama bear and will cut you if you mess with the fam. He also wears mascara and eyeliner. :T
Once Channing finds out that he can do impersonations, he constantly begs Cal to do his Streisand. Cal's response is "GINGER IS DEAD!" in reference to his beat up ginger wig that he had to trash.
Cal has a girlfriend named Stacy who later joins the team. No one knows he has a girlfriend and he didn't plan on telling anyone because //no one would believe him// and when Stacy does show up, it confuses the hell out of everyone, for obvious reasons.
Brie or "Breezy" and Indie were BFFs in high school and were hoping to record music and see where that took them. Unfortunately, their stuff never caught on. They keep trying though, moving around here and there to perform in clubs and streets. After all, they were in it for the fun and thrill, not the money.
Breezy is 22 and has a wicked talent for slamming out sick beats on literally anything you hand him. He always references his inspiration back to that scene in Tarzan where the gorillas break into the explorers' camp. He can act tough and scary if he wants but he is a huge teddy bear. If Cal is the bite, then he is all bark. He tends to go along with whatever the group wants to do, but tends to be the tie breaker when a decision is split. He really likes gelato. Will never pass up a chance to get gelato.
Indie is also 22 though she often gets mistaken for a middle schooler. She's been blind since she was 12 from a head injury, but despite that and her size, she has a huge voice and an impressive capacity for dance. It takes her a while to learn dance moves though since she has to be walked through it, but once she gets the hang of it, you wouldn't know she can't see. Indie has a huuuuuge crush on Channing but Channing is Mr. Oblivious.


Given that these guys are getting an update, I'll probably eventually tweak the rest of the Show Biz cast, like Sanah, Murdoc, the Quartet, Nikita, etc...
I've been meaning to redesign the Henderson brothers for a while, actually. :T

all characters - :iconhugaduck:

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