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Show Biz Line Up by HugaDuck Show Biz Line Up by HugaDuck
I have been working in this lineup for 2 months now X’D
First I had them all sketched out, but didn’t like them, so I re-started, but then went into an art block. Then I finally finished the sketches, but didn’t have time to finish them on Photoshop.
So…. TA-DA! C:

Show Biz consists of several mini-plots involving several groups who are in.. well… show business. Hopefully I’ll start typing up some of their short stories soon, but my main focus right now really ought to be The Enemy Within. Oh well, these guys are too much fun to leave be. CX

You’ve seen all of these guys before several times except for Cristan. He’s not exactly new though; he’s been a character of mine for about 5 months now, but I had a hell of a time designing him. (he’s the same race as Wesley from TEW) But yeah, the rest of these guys, they’ve shown up multiple times.

~~~ Sahna is based off a human OC of mine, a Swedish pop star --…. thus, she has a Swedish accent.
Sahna’s the in-your-face, big and loud type. She’s a rather well known pop artist, and to her fans, she’s inspiring, but to most other celebs, she’s looking for trouble. She’s quick to take advantage of people when she can, and isn’t afraid to have to step on others to get to where she’s going. She’s also extremely defensive and will throw up her walls if she feels threatened. If you manage to win her trust though, she can be pretty friendly and fun to be around.
Sahna is a PAKless, though not many people know it. Even though she keeps off of Irk’s surface for the most part, she’s always worried about being found out by Irken authorities. Due to being natural born, she has a weak immune system, which often halts up her show schedules as she catches sicknesses from other planets very easily.

~~~ Cristan is Sahna’s closest friend, and pretty much like her manager. Being a language expert, he’s extremely valuable to Sahna, as without a PAK, she can’t learn or translate new languages too easily. Cristan tries his best to help keep things organized but with Sahna always shooting a hundred miles an hour forward, he has trouble keeping up and is prone to stress attacks and melt downs. Cristan speaks with a rather thick Hispanic accent and can sometimes be hard to understand when he’s really stressed. Though he’s got wings, he typically can’t use them, due to the differing atmospheres and gravitational pulls of the different planets he’s on while following Sahna. Because of this restriction, he can be very edgy, not liking the fact that he can’t just take off into the air when he needs to.
Cristan takes some getting used to, as he’s easily angered and he can come off as very arrogant at times as well.

~~~ Cal, former owner of a string of Casinos on Irk, is well versed in business with the celebs and knows how to work around things. After losing his own business to the Control Brain’s authority so his buildings could be used for weaponry production and storage, he ended up being stuck out on the streets, where he ended up meeting Challo, Indi and Brhi. He eventually joined their little group after having to be rescued and helped several times, –he’s not exactly street wise—and as the bond strengthened, decided to help them achieve their own dreams after having his own shut down so many times. With his experience, he was able to help Indi and Brhi get their band up and rolling and Challo to a place where he could build on a career as a choreographer. He eventually became Indi and Brhi’s full time manager.
Cal is actually a rather hard individual to get along with. He’s got an ego the size of the Irken Armada and is rather pathetic. He’s also rumored to wear mascara, though he’ll never admit to it.  

~~~ Remember my canon about Irkens with gray eyes having bad eyesight? Well Indi’s got very light silver eyes, often hidden under her numerous caps or shades. Indi went blind during her Military training on Devastis. Luckily, she was able to get away before the term, ‘defective’ caught up to her and got her killed. With help from a few of her loyal friends, she got back to Irk and made the alley ways her home. Upon meeting Challo and later, Brhi, she discovered her hidden talent and love for music. They used whatever they could find in their surroundings to perform on the street sides for people. It was Indi’s initial idea to make their group official.
Indi may be small, but she’s a crate of dynamite, ready to explode in every direction. She’s very outgoing and doesn’t say no to any challenge. (Especially challenges that involve Cal removing the door knob and taping it to the wall, or rearranging the surroundings once she gets them memorized.) She’s a talented singer and has a great sense of humor.

~~~ Still working on his back story, he’s one of the more under developed characters in the line. His real name is Brhi, but he goes by Breezy. He does most of the song writing and while he does sing, Indi does most of the vocals. He doesn’t like heights and is rather claustrophobic. He’s quiet for the most part, and is very protective of his friends, especially Indi.
--more to come on him later—

(copied from their official reff page)
‘Henderson Brothers’
~~~ Leviticus, Linus, Lucius and Lorenzo are four brothers who had been singing together since they were little kids. With their father out fighting the Irken force and their mother passed on, Levi, at age 18 was left to care for the other three on his own. Eventually, Linus in particular, pushed the idea of forming a Quartet and trying to raise money that way by performing at gatherings and such for pay. They grew pretty popular, but Levi was reluctant to expose the two younger boys to celebrity life and tried to keep the group working small gigs. Later on though, when all were at a reasonable age, they started doing larger performances, and grew even larger, eventually being able to work up enough money to leave the planet and tour other areas that promised more success.
~~~Levi for short, he is the eldest out of the group, being 28 years. Experienced and weighted down with the responsibility of looking after his brothers for the majority of his youth, he’s very protective and a rather serious individual. He’s constantly reining the others in, keeping them out of trouble and their heads out of the clouds.
Though he enjoys traveling around and seeing new places, he often gets homesick, missing his town and more so, the girl he left behind.
Levi sings Baritone for the group, though he can easily reach most octaves.
~~~ Second eldest at age 23, but definitely not the smartest. Linus couldn’t be trusted with the responsibility of looking over a brick. Immature, and often arrogant, he needs a good thunk on the head from Levi every now and then. Still, he knows how to get out of sticky situations and in that way, makes up for his initial bad decisions.
Linus is often very emotional and quick to over react or blow things out of proportion, making things harder for the rest of the group.
Linus sings lead for the quartet.
~~~ Lucius is 19. Not always the brightest light bulb in the package, he easily gets lost or in trouble. He’s rather gullible and easy to persuade. Out of all the brothers, he needs the most looking after in the big cities.
Lucius thinks he’s a big time womanizer, but he acts like a flaming homosexual, so he never gets very far with the girls, as they all think he’s gay. Still, he’s a huge sweetheart and always looks on the bright side of life.
Lucius sings bass for the quartet, which tends to come with problems every now and then as his voice still cracks.
~~~ Nicknamed Lori, Lorenzo is the baby of the family at age 17. He tends to be nervous and shy, never taking initiative and following Levi’s lead in almost every aspect. Still, he’s very intelligent and when he gets comfortable, is one of the best decision makers in the group.
Lori gets sick rather easily and often ends up holding the others back, though they don’t care, as long as he’s alright.
Lori sings tenor for the quartet, reaching octaves higher than the others can dream of reaching.

~~~ No longer the tiny and timid kid known in The Enemy Within, O’Keelan is now in his mid twenties. With Zoo dead from an attack on the Resistance base, he’s moved out after a few years at Krei’s to peruse his own goals, which involve reaching Zoo’s old dream, to be a professional pianist. He's also well versed in poetry and has notebooks filled of poems and songs he's written. He learned all he could about the keyboard from Zoo and also carries the faith that Krei passed on to him. After hop-scotching around for quite a while, he was hired to play for a theatrical group belonging to an arena founded and owned by Sahna.
O’Keelan is still a rather timid and soft spoken individual. He still holds onto his mistrust of women, though socially as a whole, he’s improved a lot since he was a kid.

~~~ After the events of The Enemy Within, Tozic pledged his service to the Resistance Base. However, he grew very close to O’Keelan, and after Zoo’s death and O’Keelan left, Tozic followed, urged by a sense of protective duty. When O’Keelan wanted to leave the planet to look for work elsewhere, somewhere safer for a PAKless, Tozic refused to let him go alone, and to be honest, O’Keelan was happy to have the back up of a friend.
After his catharsis in TEW, Tozic continues to force down his natural dark demeanor and attain more mortal characteristics. He’s quite a bit more talkative in Show Biz, even though he still speaks in monotone. But besides that and a slight wardrobe change, he’s still the same old Tozic.

~~~ MoJo’s real name is Gavin. Not only is his past a mystery to the other characters, but I can’t tell you guys yet either, though there are hints on the very picture to his connections if you look hard enough. On the street, Gavin is known as a master illusionist and magician, and a lot of his card tricks and such aren’t taken seriously. However, underneath the flash and show, his works are darker than a lot of people would care to venture. Dealing with the demons and evil forces of the universe, Gavin is a necromancer. Blinded by his own darkness and want for control and power, he’s oblivious to the fact that he’s not allied with the dark forces as he thinks, but that he’s being used and has no real control at all.
Once he finds out that an Irken by the name of O’Keelan and a rebellious demon are in his area, he becomes quite obsessed with them and his own scheming tends to get in their way.

~~~ Happy go lucky, Challo is an eternal optimist. He works with a small group of choreographers at the arena O’Keelan plays at. Master of parkour and flexible beyond belief, Challo is known to come up with the strangest but interesting choreography. He takes a lot of interest into dance styles that aren’t too well known or seem outlandish. He’s a little bit hard of hearing and you have to speak up when around him. Altogether though, he’s very easy to get along with and friendly to just about everyone he meets. This can backfire on him though as he is a little too trusting of others and can be taken advantage of. However, he’s loyal to the max and will always be there if you need him.
He may have a tiny little bitty BIG crush on Indi…… :I

So yep, Show Biz as of right now. I might add a few others later. Some of Challo’s actor/choreographer buddies.

All characters- :iconpicklejelloz:

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CuddlesAndHuggles Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hrrrhhhhh Zoo???? DEAD???? NaoauUououahhggughh ;A; *leaps onto the floor with a flop and lays there* life is meaningless :iconlazycryplz:

Love Breezy though, hnnnnnngh attractive irken right thar
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

lol, thx, glad you think so.
ZoologyKaM Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have to say Indi is probably my favorite on here. I actually have an irken whos eyes have grey specks in them as he's going blind. Pretty cool to think I wasn't the only one that had the Grey eyes = blind idea. :3
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
heyheyhey! Great minds think alike, they say!
ZoologyKaM Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed! I just got an adopt with grey eyes and I'm still figuring out what to do with her.
MaliForger894 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student Filmographer
Challo is the brightest of them all! X3
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
in more ways than one
*squints as trying to color in all that obnoxious bright yellow*
MaliForger894 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student Filmographer
It's so bright I'm melting! :iconcannotevenplz:
Betta132 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013   General Artist
Glad to see O'Keelan is doing better! Poor Zoo, though... 
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:I had to be done.
Betta132 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013   General Artist
Hmm.... Let's say some totally random girl comes up and hugs adult O'Keelan. How would he react? Also... Does he have a guard dog or something like that? He needs a rottweiler... I just started sketching him one. An alien one.
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Freak out... I mean, that's the natural resction to being hugged by a random person...

And there's no way he'd ever get a gaurd dog type animal. XD large animals freak him out as well. He's got Tozic, he's fiiiiiine. 
Betta132 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013   General Artist
I was already sketching. I had a sketch-gerbil gnawing on my brain, so... Here.… A guard dog species thingy. 
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