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Senca Silhouette by HugaDuck Senca Silhouette by HugaDuck
Guess who's baaaaaaack?

And she's here to stay!
The name may not sound familiar, but for those who have been watching me for a while, (and by the rare chance, still actually, actively are) this IS Azillia. I have re-named her officially, Senca. Of course, Azillia was the name of the character she possessed sooooooo.... Technically, I didn't change her name... >.>

Anywhoo, what possessed me to... ehuehuehuehue bring her back?

Well, I am officially working on a new written project for here on dA to replace The Enemy Within since I left the InvaderZim fandom. and thank God I did, I'm a much happier, better person now! *grabs Andy's hand and runs through fields of flowers, swinging him around and laughing happily*   ..... not really.

But anywhoo, my new project is called "Aevum." It's actually an AU of White Roses, only the plot line is closer to that of The Enemy Within. All the characters in White Roses sprang from my IZOCs, but the plot is waaaay different and WR doesn't have any spin off characters for Tozic and Azillia (mah demons). In Aevum, Tozic and Azillia come back as Erebus and Senca, and the plot is focused on the strife of Krei and Tozic. (Koty and Erebus.) There are still a lot of differences and I introduce a lot of completely new characters, but I've been doing a lot of research into the subject it's going to be dealing with, and things are fitting together a lot more nicely than the mess TEW was.

I'm going to explain the plot for Aevum later, but the title refers to a spiritual realm of time based on the succession of acts of understanding and will of a spiritual creature, not time as we know it. This is because everything that happens in the story is due to Erebus' choice to pull himself from the Aevum and trap himself in our world and time to avoid having to make a decision that would permanently keep the same or change his very being. ((If you can't tell already, Aevum is rooted and steeped in Catholic dogma, but it strays here and there in some ideals and actions taken.))

I'm so excited ^^ EEEEEEK!

Senca - :iconpicklejelloz:
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December 30, 2014
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