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Puffy Prussian Strikes Again by HugaDuck Puffy Prussian Strikes Again by HugaDuck
Impatiently waiting for my brain to give me something challenging and actually decent to draw.

Colored this little sketch I did the other day, because I had nothing better to do today.... At least I can say I did something..... though I lost fuel and didn't even do any shading with it. XDDD

Follow up to that drawing I did of Florian and Chalmar as kids. ---> Prussians are Puffy by HugaDuck
This is kind of just a face he makes a lot now..... destroys about half of his "intimidation" points, but he really doesn't need those, he ends up failing enough at his job as it is....

Probably mad at something Florian did.
He'd be a lot more mad at Florian if he had a stinking clue what about what Florian spends all day doing.....
All in due time, Chalmar.... you'll find out all in due time.

Also I have no idea what's going on with his uniform. I got my hands on some detailed research books over insignia of the SS so I think his collar insignia will remain that way unless I freaking change his rank again. I gave up trying to draw the knots on the shoulder boards.... will do later. Also I was originally going to draw him in parade attire, but then it turned into his normal uniform, and ohboyhe'sjustamessineverywhichwayI'msosorryChalmarI'llmakeituptoyou.

Chalmar - :iconhugaduck:
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January 15, 2017
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