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Pronunciation Lesson by HugaDuck Pronunciation Lesson by HugaDuck
Aaaaaaaand my now annual mandatory angry zealot Chanukah post, from yours truly~ Mr. Liberal and Mr. Radi-Tradi
Follow up to last years, "Tis the Season to Assimilate" --> Tis the Season to Assimilate by HugaDuck

Also brought back the sweater. That's probably a huge anachronism, but Mordechai officially owns that sweater in PI.
It's the 60s!! That's like.... the age where words on shirts began.... >.>

Anywho, it will never cease to amuse me that the holiday specifically against assimilation, celebrating the re-dedication of the Temple after it was defiled and used for other purposes, as well as being one of the least important holidays, is the most assimilated of all Jewish holidays into secular culture.
This angers Zeb very much, as he is very much the traditionalist and doesn't like to see aspects of his culture subjected to secularization.

I relate Zeb... I relate 8I It's that time of year, man.
He's so disappointed in his brother.
Hey... Mordechai publishes a few books... he does something worthwhile with his life. Be proud of him.

However, in light of the horrible UN decision, continuing to perpetuate the notion that Israel is being "occupied" by those whom it rightfully belongs to, this Chanukah has a lot of relevence. Hopefully like in Maccabees, further decisions will allow the land to be rededicated to the Jewish people. Pretty ashamed right now in our current anti-Israel US leadership. 

I should probably do some Christmas art since I happen to actually be Catholic......... Nah. >.>

Mordechai, Zebediah - :iconhugaduck:
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