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Politically Incorrect- Florian by HugaDuck Politically Incorrect- Florian by HugaDuck

old drawing is old :I

Name: Florian Hartmann (generally addressed as Mr. or Herr Hartmann)
Gender: Male
Age: 48 years
D.O.B: December 11
Spouse: Miranda Hartmann
Children: Kimberly, Lukas
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religion: Deist
Born in: Germany
Current Residence: somewhere in the USA

Height: 6’1’’
Build: Narrow features, not super muscular, but rather strong
Marks/scars: Scars from belt lashes on back, dark lines under eyes
Clothes: Usually has leather trench coat, glasses, and khaki pants tucked into combat boots. Prefers plaid button shirts and occasionally will wear SS uniform hat or fedora.

Is very intelligent and an exemplary strategist.
 Excels in mathematics, sciences, and classical literature.
Speaks German, English and a little Italian and French.
Talented with a range of guns and knowledge of heavy machinery.

Smokes cigars when the kids aren’t around
Restless sleeper, awakened by the slightest noises
Has an obsessive love of American music artists such as-, (Bon Jovi, Queen, Billy Joel, The Eagles, Elton John)
Favorite vehicle is a 1970 Cadillac Eldorado
Favorite game is Risk
Can’t handle even one shot of alcohol
Been divorced once


Florian has basically two different sides, one stemming from Leben Am Rand(LAR) and now as I’ve named it, Politically Incorrect(PI). His early life stems more from LAR, but I use it in PI as well, he just doesn’t connect to it like he does in LAR
Florian was raised by his uncle, (he has no memory of his parents) who was abusive and short-fused. Florian’s more dark side, (which is only really seen in LAR) was mainly brought on by his rough upbringing which infused a sort of brutality in him. Still, his uncle also pushed him in school, making sure that Florian always did everything to the best of his abilities and never backed down from a challenge or fight.
There’s a lot more to him and his time during the war, but that’s mainly part of LAR, and I’m using his more eccentric side for PI. In PI, it’s easier to get him to talk about the war, but one can’t be sure how much of it is actually correct. One account he frequently talks about is how he and several other men were dumped in Russia in an attempt to get them killed. To everyone who hears him tell it, it sounds like it was sprung from lack of sleep and paranoia, but it would definitely explain Florian’s deep seeded hatred of Russia, snow, ice, and anything below the freezing temperature.

Florian now lives in the US, and is married with two kids. At times, he doesn’t seem to realize that the 3rd Reich is no longer existent and alongside Chadrik Schmidt, a fellow SS, and spends his free time engaging in ridiculous, most of the time violent activities, and tormenting Mordechai.


While LAR Florian is much more serious and bitter, PI Florian is pretty much insane. He’s lighthearted, and extremely ridiculous. While he and Chadrik go around raising hell under the idea of ‘we’re going to create the 4th Reich!!’, Florian does most of what he does for kicks, and really has absolutely no drive to re-create Nazi Germany, unlike Chadrik. This tends to annoy Chadrik, as Florian doesn’t take anything seriously. Still, Florian was superior to Chadrik ‘back in the day' and if Florian doesn’t want to go blowing up buildings, or kill Mordechai, then Chadrik just has to live with it.


Note: This group of characters is not meant to follow complete and total logic. Just go with it. :I



Florian- :iconpicklejelloz:


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