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Ohno ANOTHER large sketch dump

By HugaDuck
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Dangit Kyra, stop with the ridiculously long sketch dumps.

Sorry Kyra, I have a problem.

I set out this summer with hopes that I’d do some serious writing or work on some large, detailed art pieces… Instead, I obsessively drew JA. All. Summer. Long. The pile of sketches involving him that is on my desk rn is a little daunting. And I HAVE written a lot this summer! It’s just…. it’s all relating to him. >.>
This is why I can’t be allowed to elaborate on the later lives of any of my characters who have actual story lines… I give them friends and then love the friends more than them…


Elaborating on a few of these…

Christian, the pigeon guy from the earlier large sketch dump, is now a part of this group… They form a little band though they really can’t do much because they don’t have anyone to consistently play the drums for them and have to recruit Gerhard’s (another guy in the earlier sketch dump) wife, Merle, shown about mid way down on the left side, to play piano for them. Christian’s gotten a bit more development. He was a Lufftwaffe pilot who now has crippling fear of being underground after getting trapped in a bunker during a bombing raid. Can’t keep a girlfriend to save his life, but he’s also just really weird. Fits in pretty well with Lennard and JA.

Made the hard #writerdecision to eventually kill off Vitus. He’s gotten a lot of development as well and is my new favorite antagonist. SuchagoodbadguyIdon’twanttoseehimgobuthehasto.
Unfortunately, I decided to kill him off via AIDs, which was around in the 50s, but no one knew what the hell it was, so I kind of lose some punch for short story ideas and plot development. He’s just…. going to get a little sick and for whatever strange reason not get any better…..
SorrynotsorryVitusyou’reahorribleperson. I’malsotakingawayallhisfriends(there’slikeone..?)beforehediesaahahahaha.

Worked on figuring out what exactly is wrong with my kiddo. Finally looked up all of JA's health symptoms and matched them to an actual thing. I'm developing this habit where I give a character a main issue and then logically go through what all they would suffer from, and after all that, have to diagnose what exactly it is they have. :T
JA's got Congenital Heart Defect, which has caused his heart to have very weak muscles that tends to beat rapidly and shallowly, and is prone to heart arrhythmia when under stress. This developed in him as his mother ended up with Rubella early on in her pregnancy with him.
JA as a kid thus struggled with weight gain and an inability to exert a lot of energy or deal with physical stress. This isn't going to improve much for him, so he just kind of has to live and deal with it all as best as he can.

Finally named his dog and all of Christian’s pigeons….

I swear I’ll draw something else eventually.


Actually, I go back to college on the 20th, so I’ll be like… drawing nothing!! Ahahaa. <:U

all characters - :iconhugaduck:
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I??? Love??? THIS ????
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Well I'm glad you like them!! I generate so many sketches and tend to share them with a small group individually which results in my not telling DeviantART much about them, or sharing the short stories I write, but I'm glad the sketch dumps are appreciated. XU