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New OCs by HugaDuck New OCs by HugaDuck
So these are some new OCs I created like.... months ago. No joke, the sketches have literally been sitting around for months doing nothing. I did them the day I had to stay home from school due to the rib cage injury and was super bored. I ended up browsing through free adoptables, and found Stefan. When I got him, I decided he needed some buddies, and WABOOM! little Russian pirates EVERYWHAR!

Finally booted myself into finishing them 8D

So yes, they're a crew of Russian pirates. (Because Russia)
Their setting is pretty far in the future. A lot of space exploration has taken place and there are several human colonies throughout the galaxy and beginning to spread beyond. All of these painfully detailed characters come from a Russian colony (Except for Sevastian, he's originally from Spain) and are kind of a ragtag team of butt heads. : P

not a big crew, (I told myself no more than 8 of these guys XD) so they've got a rather small ship. fast and lethal though. I'll try and design it later. (and yes, it's technically a 'space ship' though it's basically a big floating boat. Think Treasure Planet)

Keptin Valentin-
It's 'keptin' okay. :I gotta say it like THAT.
Valentin is the (durdidur) Captain of the crew. Though he's not the most intelligent or mature of the group, he's been a thieving little rat since he was a teen and knows what he's doing. He doesn't seem to be the most considerate person in the world and tends to brush rather important things to the side, as well as the personal opinions of several members of his crew, but every now and then, a little more humanity shows through and a different side of him appears

Stefan- 1st Mate/Quartermaster
Stefan is Valentin's right hand man and almost his equal when it comes to authority. He's the brains behind all attacks and raids, and is probably the most intelligent one aboard. (not that he has a lot of competition) This is because he was born a Noble and has a well rounded education in mathematics, literature, sciences, fencing yaddayaddayadda. All in all, he grew up in a strict, uptight family. However, he befriended Valentin in his youth, which led his to his rebellious side surfacing and eventually dropping out of school and joining Valentin. He's a more silent type of guy and still tends to cling to a bit of his Noble background.

As the boatswain, Anton is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of supplies, the ship and the crew. He does his job well, but while he has the respect of the crew, he certainly doesn't have the full trust of the crew. No one really actually likes him. This is because with the way he talks and acts, he always seems to have something up his sleeve and just doesn't seem trustworthy in general. He's a also a bit of a magician. Anton is known for being very chivalrous towards the ladies, but even there, something seems off about his actions.

Sevastian- Striker/Navigator
Sevastian actually comes from a Spanish colony, and was forced into the crew after he killed the original sailing master during an attack. To keep his family safe from revenge by the crew, he agreed to take up the place of the man he killed as he's a skilled navigator by land, sea and sky. He also comes from a background of ship building and helps Anton keep check of the ship's condition. It took a while, but he eventually became a trusted part of the crew and grew to be comfortable in his new position, engaging in all of the crew's antics. However, he still holds tight to some of his old morality and keeps the crew in check when he thinks they're going too far.

Laurente- Surgeon
Laurente is the crew's surgeon, a very superstitious and jumpy guy. He's well liked and respected due to his nature, but also holds the crew's apprehension. He knows things about each crew member that no one else does and tends to sneak around a bit. He can also come off as a bit of a loony at times as he's way into superstitious practices, the zodiac, and all that jazz, which can come across as annoying to the crew when he covers the deck with salt or stresses that they find land because he saw a sign in the sky. Sometimes it turns out to be nothing, but he has saved the crew's lives a few times with his seemingly crazy precautions.

'Demyan' -
Demyan is simply an able bodied sailor. He's also a she, whose actual name is Tamara. Due to the current culture of the colonies, it's normally not a woman's occupation to be sailing, and the crew certainly doesn't think so either. Still, it's what she loves and learned all she knows from her father. Thus, she passed off as a guy and joined the crew. She's liked among the crew, though they all think she's a little weird. Of course, they're not all very bright, and they all think she's a he. Laurente is the only one who knows her true identity.

Feliks- cook
If Feliks and Koty(Krei) ever met, they would be the best of friends. Feliks is a tea obsessed, easy going, cat loving cook. He's really the one who's able to keep everyone going through the worst of times with his good sense of humor and deep understanding of human nature. Still, he's only the cook and keeps to himself through most of the crew's affairs and is rarely seen above deck. If he his up and about, he's normally leaning over the edge taking in the scenery.
Plus he has purple hair. :I he's epic in general.

Eduard- Gunner
As the title suggests, Eduard is in charge of all the guns and ammunition. If the gun powder gets wet, or a gun malfunctions, he's the first one to be blamed, so his job's pretty important, given the line of work the crew is in. Eduard might be a tab bit insane... He does a lot of risky stuff and tends to get in a lot of situations that make him look downright stupid. Along side Feliks' humor and optimism, Eduard helps keep the spirit up with his ridiculous antics and fiddle playing.

So yep. :I
not sure what I'm going to do with these guys yet, BUT HERE THEY ARE! 8D

All characters- :iconpicklejelloz:

Betta132 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013   General Artist
Ooh... Idea... Make them SPACE pirates and then they can go and meet the rest of your cast! 

Wait wait wait. What. Rib cage injury? 
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
They are 'space pirates' in a way. 

And yeah, I have back problems and my dad tried to pop my back one time, but he ended up bruising my rib cage, which is quite painful, let me tell you.
Betta132 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013   General Artist
Then all you gotta do is add in another pinch or two of SPACE! 

Ow. That definitely sounds painful. 
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