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New Faces by HugaDuck New Faces by HugaDuck
Just a sketch page I did of the guys a friend and I have developed for a collaborated story line. Four guys on the left are hers, the three on the right are mine.
Had so much fun with these. First, bugging her for descriptions of her men and then flying back to her internally shrieking, DID I DO IT RIGHT? DO YOU LIKE? IS THIS WHAT YOU'RE TELLING ME? AAAUUGGHH!
Mostly did this for the purpose of knowing what they all look like for future drawings. -u-
I'm madly in love with her baby Oscar. Madly.  >.>

And then there was the designing of Justus and Valère. ((Or Val as I call him. I don't know the keys to get that apostraphe, so every time I want to type his full name, I have to go back to the rp or short story with him in it and copy/paste his name, which is a pain. Also I struggle in pronouncing his name. I don't know why I named him that. French pronunciations throw me off so badly..... ))
Anyways, was looking up hair styles from the 40s-50s and I had soooo much fun doing Justus' hair.
soooo muuucchhh fuuuuunnnn.

Guys, I have done so much research over French culture and historical tid bits, I feel like I'm betraying all the years of German I've taken.
Chalmar probably wants me dead right now. I'm a Verräterin
. *hangs head in shame.*

Oscar, Leon, Paul, Raoul - :iconcurlyhaireddork:
Valère, Philippe - :iconpicklejelloz:
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February 3, 2016
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