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Never Forget by HugaDuck Never Forget by HugaDuck
Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.

I'm anxious to see how many Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic politicians are going to beat their breasts, wipe away tears and say "never forget."
Oh, I'm sorry? Did that "never forget" bit ONLY apply to the horrific murders of 11 million people, 6 million being Jewish?
It didn't apply to.... oh, the centuries of Anti-Semitism, violence, and discrimination against the Jewish people, not only in Europe but all over the world?
Apparently not, as nothing has changed. Sure, no concentration camps have went into construction, but Jews are still being discriminated against on the basis of religion or race, however one sees Judaism nowadays. In many places, they're still being killed. There's still people all over the world shouting "death to the Jews" and "down with Israel," a land that they have lived in for thousands upon thousands of years, and continue to do so, despite the repeated attempts to completely wipe out all traces of them there.
I could go on more. I've got a lot to say about this subject, but I'll try to refrain from getting too political. I'm not here for an argument. And I will not engage in one here either. It just amazes me, the amount of historians and politicians who look upon the actions of the National Socialist party of the Third Reich in shame, but then continue to drive their knives into the backs of the Jewish people.

On a less angry note,

I spent a lot of time on this. It's not my best, as when I work with pens and markers, I just make mistakes left and right, and there's only so much I can do to correct them, but I wanted to give it my all anyways, for this day.

I drew this picture using my characters from The Damned, but TD is in no way a holocaust story. There are enough of those, the most impactful ones being from the hands of people who lived through it, or was close to someone who was. Eliezer Wiesel has certainly left his mark on the world, to name one. He passed away this last July, may his soul rest in peace.
But I think a lot of people I talk to briefly about TD get confused and think it's a political work or a holocaust story, of which it is neither. I don't like dry commentaries on society or politics.. dystopians like Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 are incredible works, but the characters are so dry, as the focus is on the world.... and holocaust stories expose the black and whites. They deal with things that are intrinsically evil and the person's struggle to keep themselves, their faith, hope, family, ect through the evil. I'm not messing with black and white either.
With TD, my focus is on grays, which has offered a lot of great opportunities for me as a writer, and someone who wants to teach history someday. People aren't black and white. There's no person who's ever been all evil every second of their life, nor anyone who's been all good every second of their life. That's what TD is about. Half the time, my protagonists act like antagonists, and my antagonist is set up like a protagonist. I've done a lot of reading into stories of people in this particularly interesting time period. It's incredible how unpredictable the human mind is. There were even a few psychology studies that came out of this time period, just trying to understand how things like this could happen, when the world isn't made up of the all-holy and the all-evil. It's easier for people to believe the mass resistance that existed in the Wehrmacht on the basis of people just wanted the war to end before Germany was destroyed by the allies, but it's harder to comprehend a Gestapo officer turning to resistance on account of compromised morality. It's not "realistic" or expected, but I just read a research story on a man who did just that the other day.
Anyways, I may talk more about that later, but it's just something that's been on my mind a lot as people who I talk to keep becoming confused about what exactly I'm doing with TD.

As for the picture itself.... lot of little details.
The papers are falling out of Chalmar's hands to Mordechai as he's the primary source, telling Mordechai all that happened when they meet in Politically Incorrect. Mordechai in turn writes it all down in the form of a novel, which he calls..... "The Damned." SosneakywhatIdidthereharharhar I also tried to depict an important scene with that, when Chalmar decides he can't sacrifice his Prussian Stoltz and values for the Nazi ideal anymore. (Hence the Prussian flag around him and Nazi flag pole.) He ends up dropping all the papers regarding his mission and leaving them.
The flow of the paper also leads into Salli, who before his ghetto was liquidated, worked with other Jews and sympathizers to write Pro-Semitic pamphlets and tried to get people to revolt against the regime. He doesn't show up in the actual story of TD at all, but he's mentioned by Tobias, and Mordechai is able to meet him later on in PI, as he's the only one of the Tuchman family who survives. He kind of serves as a prophetic character in his own outside storyline, having intuitions, nightmares, and a general feeling of unease. He's terrified of fire and the smell of smoke, which he thinks is a premonition about Tobias' almost unhealthy obsession with fire, but he soon learns what his intuitions were really a warning of.
I always split Lennard halfway with his swingkid/HJ life. So his hair is slicked back, but his shirt is untucked and of course he's got his umbrella.
Then of course, Niklas, the commie of the story,  has the Worker's party flag as Commies faced persecution as well, but he's also got in his hand the necklace Tobias gives him before he's drafted, which is the Star of David with a cross welded into the center, standing for their friendship as well as the whole resistance force.... a group of Catholics and Lutherans working to save racial and political refugees.
I stuck Heinz Karhoff sort of buried in the back because even though he's essentially Florian's boss, he's rarely seen as he does so much background work.

Anyways, will try and post more things about TD, so I can talk about it here and not confuse people given that most of my development of the characters has never seen the light of day.... >.>

Remember today the 11 million who died in the Holocaust.... Jews, communists, Catholics, the disabled, "politically undesirables" ect.....
And remember those who lived in this period of time, whatever side they were on. It was a trying time for all.

If you'd like to see a well made video on the mind blowing death toll of WWII, this is worth your time --->…
Informative, chilling, and thought provoking.

All characters and story - :iconhugaduck:
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Chrissyissypoo19 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Professional General Artist
Holy crap! I love the composition of this!!!! :iconbegplz: Wonderful job! :iconclapplz: 
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, thanks! Had to do quite a few thumbnail sketches until I got something I liked.
Chrissyissypoo19 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Professional General Artist
Well I can tell you put a lot of effort into it!!! I just love big pieces where it incorporates a large group of characters! Llama Emoji-78 (Clapping) [V4] They always look so cool! 
Nevareck Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow.... this is deep. It's beautiful.
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you -u-
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