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Mordechai Toltzer by HugaDuck Mordechai Toltzer by HugaDuck
Finally drew up the reference page that Mordechai deserves.
I feel like getting an official reference page is like, the holy grail of characters and gives them bragging rights over everyone else....

Mordechai's come a long way. He was originally just a side character in stories that I improvised for friends in high school.... and he was a welsh mountain pony... so yeah. It's a very long story as to how he got here, and I'm surprised that I could actually tell you it all from start to end.
But basically, Florian got thrown into a story at one point, they kind of developed their own story off on the side that later became Politically Incorrect and then I created The Damned to explain Florian and Chalmar in Politically Incorrect........ so literally almost everything I write and draw currently happened because of a flying-bike salespony... Development is weird.

Full name: Mordechai Toltzer

Age: 23

DOB: November 14, 1937

Height: 5'2''

Religious Affiliation: Sometimes he says he's agnostic.. other times he's Jewish... he doesn't really know.. I don't really know... no one knows

Citizenship: Technically has German citizenship through his father, though it was taken away from him by the Nuremburg laws.
Is a citizen of Israel when they granted it to all Jews who immigrated during its establishment
And now has American citizenship through immigration...


Mordechai works as a journalist for the local newspaper in the town that PI is set in. How he wound up in the rural town of Gibson, Kansas is quite the story, but not many people have heard it because he's generally too busy asking about everyone else's story. This is because he has an article published every other Sunday interviewing one of the citizens in the town about... well... just about anything. For Marco Verdacchi, it was the history of his family's restaurant. For Florian Hartmann, it was about his hobby fixing old cars. Maurice Burnson told a war story. That's how he gets tangled up in the past of Florian Hartmann, a man who woke up in Frankfurt Germany in 1945 only knowing his first name and his memory almost completely wiped, and his odd, quiet friend, Chalmar Stromann, a past Allgemeine SS officer hiding from his past and content to keep Florian from knowing their own ties, and that they did not, in fact, first meet in England in 1946.....
Mordechai, utterly intrigued and only encouraged by Chalmar's aloofness, makes it his mission to piece together what happened in a town called Akterdau in the 40s, and relentlessly digs up sources and information, and slowly pulling more and more of the story out of Chalmar.
The Damned essentially tells the story from a more broad spectrum, but with an emphasis on Florian and the resistance group's viewpoint. Politically Incorrect gives more space for Chalmar to tell his own version, how he saw things, and allows him to come to terms with it.
Though a lot of PI is dedicated to Chalmar's side of the story of TD, the story also focuses a lot on Mordechai's personal growth and self discovery through his interacting with other people in the town. Especially when his brother shows up, doing everything he can to convince him to come back home....


-He has an obnoxious cowlick

He has always been a fast and very expressive speaker, in any language he uses. He purposefully learned English with a thick New York accent. He spent a lot of time there and wanted to assimilate into the culture as part of his little rebellion against his own. He got pretty good at it and loves the vocab and style that came with the region to he sticks to it.

Has a lot of feelings of inferiority because of how his brother succeeded in everything and Mordechai did very poorly in comparison. Zeb only learned to work harder and Mordechai just gave up, making Zeb the “favorite child” and Mordechai the “failure.” Zeb’s always looked out for Mordechai and stood up for him, but Mordechai rarely saw it or appreciated it, creating a rift between the two of them.

-He has two typewriters who he tends to reference as his best friends... His Hebrew typewriter, a little old black Remington he named Levona and an olive green Smith&Corona named Suzanne. Chalmar later gifts him a sterling Smith&Corona of a similar model. Let's just say.... Mordechai was so grateful, he could have cried. XD

-The story is not called "Politically Incorrect" because it has an ex-Nazi officer in it. It's called "Politically Incorrect" because this guy here has no filter, a very dry, satirical, and typical self-deprecating sense of humor, and doesn't always know when to not say certain things. He makes Chalmar cringe, of all people. //Chalmar does originally refer to Mordechai as "Israel" near the beginning of the story in an insulting way, but it later takes on a much different, more amiable connotation between the two of them... Just....don't let Zeb hear.... >.> //

-His big dream is to get published. Mordechai loves writing, whether it be an article, a historical study, or a fiction story. The first thing he actually gets published is in fact a book he writes about Chalmar and Florian's story.

-Mordechai is me. If I was male and Jewish. We have so many personality quirks in common.... I even gave him my birth day and month on honor if it. XD

-I need Billy Crystal, as he does Calcifer in Howl's Moving Castle, to voice him for me. *_*

Playlist Includes:

Klayman's Theme - Neverhood Soundtrack ((Describes his personality perfectly))
Roots - Imagine Dragons
Son of Man - Phil Collins
Lady Luck - The Proclaimers
Good to Be Alive(Hallelujah) - Andy Grammer
Cap in Hand  - The Proclaimers
Colors of the Wind - Suburban Legends

Mordechai, story - :iconpicklejelloz:
Nevareck Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I like him! 
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Thanks! He's one of my personal favorites >.>
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You're welcome ^^
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