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Mordechai/T-95 Development by HugaDuck Mordechai/T-95 Development by HugaDuck

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. And now… HERE IT IS! A SURE FIRE WAY TO WASTE YOUR TIME IF YOU ACTUALLY READ ALL THIS GARBAGE!!


Okay, so once upon  a time, Freshman year of high school, my lovely friends asked me to tell a story. SO I DID >8U And it was wonderful. Something or such about one of my friends killing witches with her smartness. And her lazy boyfriend… who had this horse. Er, a pony I guess. And it had a flying bikeshop or something like that. I don’t know. It was really confusing. But they thought it was amusing, so I kept telling this story just about every day in P.E.

THEN ONE JOLLY DAPPER DANDY DAY we were at a skating at  a SKATING RINK WITH HAWT COUNTRY GUYS who came in at one point, and one guy had a wrench in his back pocket, I don’t know why he needed that at a skating rink, BUT ANYWAYS, back to the point. One of my friends mentioned that this horse with the flying bikeshop didn’t have a name. So! I fatefully looked down at the ice, and gazed upon the logo for a local radio station that was painted on. And thus, the horse, er.. pony.. was named…





HUZZAH! And thus he became an actual, official, some-what-important character! Yaaay ponies that sell flying bikes!! How does that even work???


Well, I eventually started a new line of stories that became the main ones, about another friend of mine where she was a secret agent. The character of T-95 was transferred over as another agent she worked with, and FOR WHATEVER REASON, he kept the tail and ears. YAY LOGIC!! I think he was like… part of the witness protection plan or something? He was always at this one girl’s house fixing her dishwasher that was conveniently  always broken. He was also a part time flying bike salesman. His character really started to develop here. He was kind of dopey… ate too many apples, had a New York accent, not well liked by anyone, but tolerated because they needed someone to clean the windows….  GREAT FUN WAS HAD!! 8U One time, he got thrown off a cliff. I took the liberty to explain all the possible outcomes and what he would look like once the group found him… And then we had spaghetti for lunch… >.> No one was happy with me that day.


So as he was developing, I really got attached to his character… I wanted to work with him elsewhere, so I started trying him out in some of my per-existing story lines…. Mainly Proper Villainy, or “A Guide to Proper Villainry” as it was called back then. I tried out a few different roles with him… kind of antagonistic, jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. He just didn’t seem to fit with the other characters though, so I scrapped that idea. However, during that phase, I had to give him a new name. T-95 wasn’t exactly…. Good for a fantasy setting. So I asked a friend for a good, villainous, sleazy sounding name and he told me, Mordecai. I loved it right off the bat and said I’d take it. He tried to stop me, informing me he’d gotten it from Regular Show which I hadn’t seen at that point, but I was like NAW BRAH USING IT!!  I did stick the ‘h’ in there though, as I preferred that spelling.


Mordechai actually did get a spot in Proper Villainy!! He shows up for about half a chapter as a traveling salesman Bravado bumps into. He plays the role of that one side character that says some things that end up influencing the main character to DO SOMETHING GOOD AND GET THE CLIMAX REALLY ROLLING!! 8D


So T-95 was now Mordechai. My dad took full advantage of this new development to over enunciate the “ch” part every time he saw me drawing him. You know… Mordecchhggkkai… something like that. He also kept asking me if Mordechai was Jewish. In fact, he asked me so many times that Mordechai became Jewish. Ehehheh. He also became Israeli, but I forgot how exactly that happened.

So… Mordechai, normally known as T-95, was a Jewish Israeli.. Welsh Mountain pony…. That spoke with a New York accent and the characters were all in Kansas. 8I

Ah, but we loved him.

He also had other weird quirks… like the fact that nobody but this one character based off a friend noticed his existence half the time…. And he wasn’t a legal citizen…. And he didn’t have a house, so he slept in the office. Spoke perfect English, but didn’t know the alphabet. That became fun when in one story; the only way the team could survive in this magical forest was to link arms and skip, singing the alphabet….. >.>

They got their personalities downloaded into Mortal Kombat in that one.. I still need to draw Mordechai in Kitana’s outfit as I was requested to do


Mordechai also got his brother, Zebediah at this point. Zeb’s actually inspired by this super cute waiter at a local restaurant. He had blonde curly hair and his name was… Zebediah… When I first drew the character, I did it as a horse, like T-95, so he was a palomino, which should help explain the fact that Zeb is still awkwardly blonde in his human form.

So about this time, I had just thrown out the LAR comic idea when I realized HOW TERRIBLE IT WAS!! Florian was now homeless. <:’C So I started incorporating him into the improved stories as the crazy Ex-Grüpenfuher  (later I ditched that and made him the crazy Ex-Gestapo) who came in and caused all sorts of trouble. Hence the origin of Mordechai’s “It was that damn Nazi, I sweah!” line.

So I started playing around with Florian and Mordechai as a duo, mostly for the sake of character interaction and flat out political incorrectness. Thus, the story line, Politically Incorrect began to develop. Somewhere along the line, they all lost the horse-y attributes. ((That includes Florian, Mordechai, Chadrik, Zeb and this other guy, Niklas who was a dog, and will come back later in new!Florian’s backstory, which you will hopefully see some of very soon.. ))

One of my friends was really mad about this actually, because he liked Unicorn!Florian with the pink and blue highlights.




So that basically puts us at the end of Mordechai’s development line, because most of the big changes with PI involve Florian, and I’m going to do a separate one for him.. because… his is crazier, believe it or not.

Basically, Mordechai lost height, got a bit stockier, hair got curlier, became German-Israeli and… yeah.






Mordechai, Florian - :iconpicklejelloz:

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So THIS is what you were writing. And now the pony thing is explained.
Well, he's adorable and quite interesting and I can't wait to see what else you draw/colorin/post next.

Also, ehem,
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

lol, well thanks. I hope to do more with him in the near future. Been working a lot on the structure of Politically Incorrect as of late.

Still the best thing ever... >.>
ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Much improvement. Such pony. Very New York accent. Wow.

That's the best I can come up with considering how tired I am.....
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

All teh ponies with New York accents. :V
Emmabean01 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Student Photographer
OMG. He's changed...
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol! Yeah, from species to race to hair style to story line!!!

still has the red converse though. Those aren't going anywhere anytime soon! XD
Emmabean01 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Student Photographer
Yup! Gotta love RED CONVERS!lol, live his new design though! Keep it up!
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