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Lumen Christi by HugaDuck Lumen Christi by HugaDuck

Exsúltet iam angélica                                 Exult, let them exult, 
turba cælórum:                                         the hosts of heaven, exult,
exsúltent divína                                        let Angel ministers of God exult,
mystéria: et pro tanti                                let the trumpet of
Regis victória tuba                                    salvation sound aloud
ínsonet salutáris.                                      our mighty King’s
Gáudeat et tellus, tantis                            triumph! Be glad, let
irradiáta fulgóribus: et                               earth be glad, as glory
ætérni Regis splendóre                               floods her,ablaze with
illustráta, tótius orbis se                            light from her eternal
séntiat amisísse                                       King,let all corners of the
calíginem.  Lætétur et                               earth be glad,knowing an
mater Ecclésia, tanti                                 end to gloom and
lúminis adornáta                                       darkness. Rejoice, let
fulgóribus: et magnis                                 Mother Church also
populórum vócibus hæc                              rejoice, arrayed with the
aula resúltet.                                           lightning of his glory, let
                                                             this holy building shake
                                                             with joy,filled with the
                                                             mighty voices of the peoples.




The Exúltet -…


From The New Marian Missal.

 "Holy Saturday is liturgically a day of deepest mourning, a day which the Church spends at our Lord’s sepulcher, meditating on His Sacred Passion and Death. There is no Mass; the sacred altar is bare.

The Solemn Easter Vigil service, for which Pope Pius XII gave permission in 1951 and made obligatory in 1956, is intended to show liturgically how life and grace flow to us from the death of our Lord; the Light of the World is exhibited under the symbol of the Paschal Candle, dispelling the night of sin by the light of grace; the Exúltet- the Easter Proclamation- is the song that heralds Easter, singing of the brightness of the holy night of the Resurrection; the Lessons taken from the ancient prophecies tell of God’s wonderful dealings with His people under the Old Covenant, faint types of the glorious happenings that were to come to pass under the New; the waters for Baptism are blessed- those waters in which those who have been buried along with Christ, die to sin and with Him rise to walk in the newness of life; this grace He has won for us, and in Baptism bestowed upon us; by renewal of our baptismal promises we publicly announce our purpose to show forth this newness in our daily lives; and finally the Church Triumphant is called on to intercede for us, and the Mass of the Resurrection begins.

The hour for the beginning this solemn service should be selected so that the Mass of the Resurrection may begin about midnight, but the Bishop of the Diocese may judge it better for special reasons to begin earlier; nevertheless, this earlier start should preferably be later than twilight, and on no account before sunset."



Last year’s --->…

Fr. Andrea - :iconpicklejelloz:

I also amused myself with the fact that Fr. Andrea dies in 1945 and I put him next to a Paschal candle with the date, 2016

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