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Kalla L'vourn by HugaDuck Kalla L'vourn by HugaDuck

Proper Villainy is one is my oldest original story line. PV takes stereotypical fantasy elements and either plays off of them, or flat out goes the opposite direction. It’s got what you’d expect in a fantasy setting, dragons, magic, elves, ect but also throws in more modern (around 1920s) technology, slang, terminology, and other things you wouldn’t expect to find in a true fantasy world. It also plays huge off of the heroes vs villains theme, turning Heroism and Villainy into occupational jobs, and even an art form. The story focuses primarily on the struggle of the two main characters to get accepted into the Admoore Society of Villainy, (ASV).

Being my oldest story line, /perhaps around seven years/ it’s got a lot of development, and it’s still something I really have hopes for publishing someday, but I rarely work on it or draw the characters. I’d done up reference pages for the four main characters a long time ago, but never got around to posting them. Happened to give Sven a recent redesign and found them again. Had to redraw both Sven and Celeste and fix details on Greg and Kalla, (as they no longer looked very good to me), but I’m finally getting around to posting them, even if I don’t work with them too much after this.

Not going to elaborate on what happens in the story line as I’m rather protective of some of the elements of this story line (I swear Megamind bugged my house and stole from me, it’s not fair I got so mad watching that movie because I saw my originality going down the drain >:I ) so I’ll just say a bit about the characters so that if I do draw more of them in the future, they won’t be total strangers to my dA page, as I realized my folder for PV is completely empty. 8I


Full Name: Kalla L’vourn
Age: 23
Height: 5’4’’
Religion: N/A – Agnostic
Story Line: Proper Villainy


Kalla, like Sven is from a family of nobility… except she didn’t willingly leave it behind, she was thrown out. Due to what was assumed to be a curse on the family, Kalla was born with a disposition to the dark arts… specifically necromancy. If not keeping herself in check, she has the tendency to drain the life out of things around her…. Literally and metaphorically… In a fight with her mother when she was a teenager, she accidently inflicted her with an illness that doctors were able to stabilize, but could not remove, and Kalla didn’t know how to either. With her mother in pieces and her relationship with her father never having been ‘peachy keen,’ Kalla left home as soon as she was old enough and unable to control her tendency towards causing havoc and decay, was picked up by the Admoore Society of Villainy. There, she was able to master her grasp on several forms of the dark arts and a handful of other styles of magic as well. Being a jack-of-all trades and a poster-girl for the ASV, she’s got the qualifications to become a certified mentor. Coming from a family of high standing and inheriting their drive for social importance, she’s determined on achieving this rank and using it as a good first step to the ladder she’s building to becoming a chairmen of the ASV. One thing stands in her way. She has to actually successfully mentor someone into full membership. Kalla’s has had a total of six failed assignments and has been essentially given one last chance to make the cut. Unfortunately, her last chance is Greg and Sven. Her odds could not be worse. She’s already debating resigning membership out of shame.


Random Details:

-A gift that should never be given to Kalla is a plant. You hear some people say they always kill plants…. Well so does she… by touching them…

-Kalla can’t stand Greg’s obnoxious arrogance. She’ll find any excuse to plague him with nasty little spells.

-She has a huge fear of heights… like the hyperventilating, grabbing the nearest person next to her in a death grip kind of fear. And with her, I mean death grip literally.

-Don’t touch her books. She WILL cause you pain.

-She actually kind of likes Greg, but for the love of God, don’t tell him. He doesn’t need to know he’s liked.

-Members of the ASV sometimes think it’s funny that they can use her head as an arm rest. It’s suddenly not funny anymore when the wake up the next day with pox.

-Earl gray tea and a good book over raising corpses is her happy place.

-She has poor stamina. “I don’t run” is a common phrase of hers.


Playlist includes:

Crystal Ball – P!nk
Dear No One – Tori Kelly
Pulled- Krysta Rodriguez (from The Addams Family)
One Last Hope – Danny DeVito (from Hercules)
When You’re Evil – Voltaire
Lost Boy – Ruth B
Bad Influence – P!nk


Kalla - :iconpicklejelloz:
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