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JA Senft (A Lot of JA Senft) by HugaDuck JA Senft (A Lot of JA Senft) by HugaDuck

I’m not even sorry for how big this is, guys. Not even bovvered.
I will not blame anyone for just shuffling this off to the side, and I was actually just going to include all of his sketches with the other sketch dump, but I love him so much… I was like, screw it, he’s getting a full introduction and if anyone wants to read it, I hope they like him 1/3rd as much as I do. I haven’t repeatedly drawn a character this much since the Fr. McCarthy explosion. I’ve also written several short stories involving him too…. *le sigh* Iuvhim

Okay so recall this gem -->…
This guy is Anton’s bro. Or rather, Anton is his bro. Because this guy is more important than Anton.

Started off by designing these four guys who end up giving Lennard a tough time in 1951. I knew I wanted one of them to end up being Lennard’s friend and when I sketched out the big guy, he was my initial focus, but then the little stringy guy happened and…. I haven’t played around with any little stringy guys in FOREVER. So I was like, screw it, let’s make him the semi decent individual.
Basic intros on the other three:

Vitus Blaumburg is the ring-leader of the group. He is pretty boi. Also pretty creepy boi. He had just begun training for the Gestapo when the war ended, and has a sharp mind and a knack for psychology and picking people apart. He typically uses this trick for finding the best ways to tear his enemies down and get the respect he wants. Essentially, he's the brains of the operation. He makes ample use of his abilities by toying with Lennard's mental weaknesses, such as his low self-esteem, and later, his fear of water and drowning. (Don’t think I ever posted the short story where I wrote it out, but Lennard is actually arrested and waterboarded near the end of The Damned. )
Vitus can be especially dangerous when emotionally triggered. He has a few... characteristics that he's very self-conscious about, as he's not the picture perfect Aryan he claims to be. In fact, most of his Nazi-fanaticism comes from the fact that he's NOT perfect in Nazism's eyes, and it infuriates him.

Axel Germar s the eldest of the group and a long time friend of Vitus. He actually pulled Vitus out of rubble after a heavy bombing raid and the two have been stuck together ever since. Axel is the only one in the group Vitus legitimately respects. Axel is of average intelligence, but his muscles is where his power lies. The group, minus Joachim-Alois all box, but Axel is their main player in that field. He doesn't have the perfect form that Vitus has, but he's got the punch and has accidentally killed a guy before in a match. That being said though, it's usually him and Dietmar holding a victim down while Vitus does the honors of laying into them.
Axel is the only guy in the group who's married and has a stable job, working in a factory. Thus, he's got a permanent living situation, so Joachim-Alois tends to crash at his place a lot when he can't stand being near Vitus, whom he usually stays with. Axel's wife is okay with this, along with all his antics.
Axel honestly has the qualities of someone who would be a good guy... he ends up being very helpful here and there to JA, and doesn’t typically go looking to trouble… buuuut, he’s really not the best person in the way he lives, what he believes, and who he hangs around.

Dietmar Hinrichs is the definition of "lackey." His knowledge extends to military related things and how to beat someone up so they can't move for the next several weeks. He joined up with Vitus and Axel early on in their travels, shortly after the war ended. He's such an idiot, Vitus can hardly tolerate him half the time, but it's nice to have reliable muscle power around who takes orders very easily, without question.
There's really not a lot to say about Dietmar. He lacks much personality. It's incredible that he's in a stable relationship with a gal. The other three all agree that they can't figure out what the girl sees in him....

And my baby Joachim-Alois Senft or JA for short. JA was picked up by Vitus when he, Axel, and Dietmar got to Stuttgart. He was working as a bartender at that time but got fired after having to take too much sick leave. Vitus adopted him into the gang, and helped him back on his feet, though none of the group is sure why, because Vitus tends to hound on physical strength, of which JA has very little. Vitus however, plays very heavily on the "I saved your life and look out for you, so you owe me." card. What JA quickly finds out is that Vitus is gay (which of course, being in 1950s Germany and keeping the company that he does, he’s been keeping that on the down low), and when Vitus starts demanding favors in return for how helpful and nice he’s been, he doesn’t mean monetary or material. JA is… not on board… but under constant physical threat by a very controlling and self-conscious Vitus who doesn’t want any leaks of his secret getting out, JA ends up being stuck with him for around two years before he gets gutsy enough to make a break for it.
I don’t want to say that JA is bi, because after the catastrophe with Vitus, he ends up ‘playing straight,’ but when he meets up with Vitus and his gang, he was in a period of identity searching. He’s more attracted to the physical strength that he lacks than anything, a problem he’s had with himself since he was a little kid. JA has a very weak heart and can’t take a lot of physical strain. Thus, he’s not very tough, can be very easily controlled and pushed around, and is known to pass out if pushed too far.
JA currently works in re-construction and actually works with Lennard. He tends to be more sympathetic to Lenni. Being sickly since he was a kid and barely making it through the HJ, his faith in Nazi ideology is rocky. He's usually the one trying to calm Vitus down, or getting him off Lennard before he goes too far.
JA may be scrawny and sickish, but he's incredibly smart and crafty. He can fix just about anything you hand him, knows history, sciences, literature, etc very well... He's just a smart cookie who can't hold all the books he wishes he could at the same time because noodle arms. His eyes, also one of my fav things about him, are usually a light brown but shift to a golden color under certain circumstances, including when in some sort of heightened emotional state.

Some earlier sketches when I was working with him, illustrating a scene (that I need to write out eventually) after JA strikes out on his own. Vitus tracks him down to let him know that he’s frankly pissed off with this arrangement here. :I
Lennard ends up screwing up big time in a boxing match with Axel (knocks him out), and the gang was not pleased. (They’ve already broken his nose by then in another scuffle). Vitus had by then figured out Lennard’s fear of water and he and the guys act like they’re going to drown him to scare him. This messes up Lennard pretty freaking bad and JA can’t take it anymore. He ends up leaving several days later and Vitus lets him, believing he’ll eventually come back, but when he doesn’t… He ain’t happy.

I kept drawing him with his shirt unbuttoned and was just finally like, eh, that’s what he does now. Makes sense in retrospect and glad I started drawing him like that because given his health conditions, he can get light headed a lot and panics when he can’t breathe well. Thus, anything tight around his neck would probably make him super uncomfortable. Like ties. Ties are from hell, in his mind. We don’t do ties around here, son.

After becoming friends with Lennard, they do quite a bit of exchanging skill sets. JA really wants to learn self defense and swing dancing… Lennard needs to learn some basic cooking skills and just needs someone to talk to… JA really gets into the whole dancing thing and is determined to keep going even though he always feels awful after. He gets pretty whipped around and physically exhausted by these girls he dances with and it often ends with one of them coming up to Lennard going "I think I broke your friend," because he passed out, is near doing so, or fell on his face. Lenni's learned to keep an eye on him and step in when he sees him getting really worn out, but JA typically replies with a My-body-will-do-what-I-want-it-to style, "I'm fine."
He's so determined, he could set the world record for fastest play through of Undertale.

Doodle from a short story I wrote. I’m super horribly mean to JA, so I was like, wut if I give you a dog? Long story short…. He does end up getting a dog eventually. From Axel. Because Axel can be a decent human occasionally even though his best friend is not. Naturally, he and Dietmar are completely oblivious to the relationship between JA and Vitus, so Axel, who likes JA, brushes Vitus’ anger at him for running away to the side.

Ronja Germar. Axel's abrasive, crazy wife who reeeaally isn't fond of her husband's weasley friends, especially the "slick creep" and "the girly one." I don’t like her, but I appreciate her dislike of the monster I created that is Vitus. I also appreciate her for letting “the girly one” crash at her house whenever he needed to get away from Vitus, though that’s mostly because Axel said he could, and Axel’s word is final.

I'm not happy with how the dog turned out and will have to work on drawing it.
Unnamed doggo ends up being a huge booster for JA as he comes out of his shell and develops into a healthier, happier, and steadfast person. JA hates being alone, and a dog is no substitute for people, but having the dog to take care of helps him adjust to living truly all by himself for the first time. That, and the dog does a lot of taking care of him as he's still working on strengthening that spine of his. The dog ends up being a bordeline service animal, strongly in tune with JA's emotions and his heart. He knows how scared JA is of Vitus and after biting him pretty hard on the arm, Vitus keeps his distance when the dog is around. The dog can also tell when JA's heart is having trouble, often before JA feels the effects, and will whine and pull on his sleeve until he sits down somewhere.
The dog becomes a bit of a problem sometimes due to being very, very protective. If JA passes out suddenly, the dog, not able to tell friend from foe without feeding off of JA's emotions, viciously guards him until he wakes up, so only people the dog knows well, like Lennard can get close. JA becomes aware of this problem and works to get the dog more social, but given how nervous JA still is, it interferes with the dog's training.

Finally, that little one at the bottom…. Thought that might warrant an explanation. One of my friends suggested he wear shades so he looks cool when he passes out in random places. It would not be out of character for Lennard to put shades on him in such an event. Rosalind is less than amused.

More than likely to come with this guy. I’ve written a lot more about him than I’ve put here. Will probably post some of those short stories later. I love him a lot. :T
I love his sideburns.
I love him.

Rosalind - :iconahsoka626:
All others  - :iconhugaduck:

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Nevareck Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I love these stories.
I need to protect JA ;-;
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much. :'U

I will probably get around to posting ALL THESE SHORT STORIES I have been aggressively writing about him once I can get some good art done to go along with them. They're probably some of the better things I've written.

JA needs a lot of hugs and TLC.
Nevareck Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

I will give him many hugs :hug:
WarmishWinter Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
JA is now my favorite character ever
a sweet bab
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aughwag. I'm glad you like him. -u- He is my precious.
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