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In Vain by HugaDuck In Vain by HugaDuck
"You must therefore stand confident on the soil of your country, and you must be strong so that this flag will never be taken from you. And then, when generation after generation comes after you, you will have the right to demand the same from them. Then you can demand from your future youth that they be like you were. And then Germany looks at you also with pride, and everyone's heart runs over with joy when we see you. And when we see in you the promise that our work is not in vain, but that it bears fruit in our country, then we are all gripped with a proud happiness to see in you the fulfillment of our work. With that we have the assurance that the Millions who died in WWI-the great numbers of our comrades-have not made the sacrifice for Germany in vain, so that in the end, out from all of it, a one-spirited, free, proud, and honor-loving people will emerge."

Turns out I actually didn't save this one as a photoshop file, so I can't access the layers to fix those misspellings... I'm sorry. My laptop doesn't spellcheck for German so I can't tell when I typo. XP

Was listening to the last four songs of Black Hawk Down -->…
Hauntingly beautiful and sad work by Hans Zimmer. Features the Irish song, "The Minstrel Boy."
Started drawing Niklas and one of the soldiers he fights with near the very end of TD, Andi Hintzen. Niklas drops out of the action of the story line when he's drafted, but I've worked on a series of short stories following his troop and the actions that lead to Niklas' injuries. I focus a lot in those stories on the drafting of teenagers towards the end. Andi is 14.
The excerpt is from Hitler's speech to the youth in September of 1934. That speech always bothers me, given the action towards the end and after the war, concerning the the youth in Germany.

also Niklas with short hair looks just really really odd.
Also, I see a few typos in the original translation. Will fix later... >.>

Niklas, Andi - :iconhugaduck:
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