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IZOC Sketch Page 2 by HugaDuck IZOC Sketch Page 2 by HugaDuck


So the other day, I went through my gallery, and cleared 553 pictures. Not stored them, deleted them. The majority were IZOC sketch pages.

I post A LOT of sketches, and every now and then, I have to go through and clean them out. I mean, I want my gallery to look semi-decent, and clicking through tons of sketches is probably not that appealing.

So what I did, was I cleared out a lot of old art, mostly sketch pages, or anything else that was old and I didn’t want cluttering everything up. Then I went through the IZOC art I deleted, and complied a bunch of it onto 4 dump pages. ((That’s not even half of the stuff I deleted, but it’s the stuff I’m okay with re-posting, even if some of it still makes me cringe X3 ))

I didn’t really want to really DELETE my IZOC stuff, as it’s the art and characters that really built me up on DevaintART and I met a lot of cool people through the fandom. I just didn’t want all those small sketch pages floating around. So these 4 pages I compiled are mostly more *recent* stuff and a look at the stuff I did while in the fandom.


This page has a lot of Show Biz and The Enemy Within characters. After I came up with the character, Murdoc, I started drawing all the other SB characters a lot more, and the TEW crew kind of got pushed to the side….

I still love that suspenders drawing that inked. It’s so badly drawn, and I look at it, and I’m ashamed, but I STILL LOVE IT!! DX

And all the Murdoc and Challo and Sanah andkwefeohweh I miss drawing them!!

There’s a Percy and a Crim-Zin in there sooomewheere and they belong to :iconcuddlesandhuggles:

All other characters- :iconpicklejelloz:

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November 26, 2014
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