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IT Fr. Walter Houtkooper SJ by HugaDuck IT Fr. Walter Houtkooper SJ by HugaDuck
Never done the Inktober thing. Thought it would be a good excuse to draw 31 of my 48 religiously professed characters. I'm a bit behind, but still plan on doing all 31 sketches. Need to design some of these guys anyways, as not all of them have actually ever been drawn.. >.>
Recently had access to a scanner, so will post all of the ones I've done so far, and then who knows when I'll scan in the rest that come after this.

Inktober Sketch #9

Fr. Walter Houtkooper SJ

Fr. Houtkooper is literally best side-character of all my Jesuits. He just beat Fr. David for me. And I love Fr. David. This guy's name was mentioned like 3 times in ONE story but I developed him while drawing him and I love him. XD

Since the story my Jesuits belong to takes place in the future, I can safely say that Fr. Houtkooper was a full-on starbucks drinking, MLP watching hipster in his youth. He is the hipster priest. A little older now.... but still holds onto his teenage belief that Applejack is best pony.
I DON'T EVEN KNOW GUYS. I mean.. I gave him the "retired priest" hat.. and then the glasses, and the mustache, and it just sort of progressed into converse... He just looks like he could utter "I -blank- before it was cool" at any given moment....

Fr. Houtkooper, or "Fr. Koops" as he's been nicknamed, is one of the priests in charge of keeping special track of seminarians. If you're new and you have questions, he's one of the guys you come talk to. He basically keeps things in order for the new guys. And, as suspected, he's wanted to kill Fr. McCarthy a few times. He was actually the first person to coin Fr. McCarthy's nickname as "St. Augustine."

Fr. Koops is always on a mission. Even in the rare occasions that he has nothing to do, he finds something to do, which is okay, as mostly everyone likes his being around. He's got a dry, witty, satirical sense of humor, and you can count on him to have something interesting to say.

He used to teach algebra classes at the community's high school, but since taking on more responsibilities for looking after seminarians, he now just tutors after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Houtkooper - :iconpicklejelloz:
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October 16, 2016
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