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IT Fr. Donald Ross SJ by HugaDuck IT Fr. Donald Ross SJ by HugaDuck
Never done the Inktober thing. Thought it would be a good excuse to draw 31 of my 48 religiously professed characters. I'm a bit behind, but still plan on doing all 31 sketches. Need to design some of these guys anyways, as not all of them have actually ever been drawn.. >.>
Recently had access to a scanner, so will post all of the ones I've done so far, and then who knows when I'll scan in the rest that come after this.

Inktober Sketch #7

Fr. Donald Ross SJ

Fr. Ross was the Superior of his order of Jesuits when Fr. McCarthy asked to be accepted into Seminary.He jokingly considers allowing Fr. McCarthy to be ordained in the order his biggest mistake. Or... everyone's pretty sure he's joking... >.> he gambled with Fr. McCarthy given his background, and was on the verge of throwing him out several times, As Fr. McCarthy, when in seminary, got in frequent fights and actually packed up and left on five separate occasions. Fr. Jerry always convinced Fr. Ross to let him come back/give him another chance, ect. Fr. Ross also makes the frequent comment that if everyone in the world had faith in God like Fr. Jerry has faith in Fr. McCarthy, it would bring on the Second Coming and the establishment of New Jerusalem on Earth.

Fr. Ross stepped down from the position as Superior of the community several years ago, but he's still one of the most respected members of the community and is often asked for his guidance. He can be hard to read at times though, as he's very blunt and harsh, and doesn't accept any "funny business," but eventually, people get used to him and learn how to work and joke with him.

And despite how many altercations he and Fr. McCarthy have, Carthers is going to cry rivers when he eventually passes.

Ross - :iconpicklejelloz:
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October 16, 2016
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