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IT Fr. David Hacks SJ by HugaDuck IT Fr. David Hacks SJ by HugaDuck
Never done the Inktober thing. Thought it would be a good excuse to draw 31 of my 48 religiously professed characters. I'm a bit behind, but still plan on doing all 31 sketches. Need to design some of these guys anyways, as not all of them have actually ever been drawn.. >.>
Recently had access to a scanner, so will post all of the ones I've done so far, and then who knows when I'll scan in the rest that come after this.

Inktober Sketch #3

Fr. David Hacks SJ

I think I've drawn him twice in "chibi" form and he's only ever been in one short story.... at the very end... So I had to actually sit down and give him an official design for this. XD
Fr. David completes a friend-trio, being good friends with both Fr. McCarthy and Fr. Jerry.
Fr. David brings a huge humor factor to the table being a pun master and could-have-been stand up comedian. He has a talent for being able to lighten the mood of most tense situations, whether with his humor-driven antics or his seemingly contrary deep sense of calm and peace.
Fr. David also harbors a talent for art, specifically painting, though come winter, he spends his free time covering the surrounding area in well crafted snowmen. People will purposefully visit the Order's grounds to look at the figures he creates.
Fr. David currently is a chaplain at one of the diocese' elementary schools that has a program for children with disabilities. This is because, #1, he's great with kids, and #2, he knows Sign Language.
When he was in elementary school himself, he contracted a viral ear infection, causing his hearing to fail at a very rapid pace. He was considered deaf for seven years when he had a sudden turn around and his hearing gradually came back to him. Doctors couldn't explain his case albeit a freak occurrence, but he attributes it to God and the intercession of St. Francis de Sales, as his family had been asking intercession for all the years prior.

Altogether, he's fun to draw and I need to write with him more. 8I

David - :iconpicklejelloz:
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October 16, 2016
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