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IT Fr. Andrea Sessa by HugaDuck IT Fr. Andrea Sessa by HugaDuck
Never done the Inktober thing. Thought it would be a good excuse to draw 31 of my 48 religiously professed characters. I'm a bit behind, but still plan on doing all 31 sketches. Need to design some of these guys anyways, as not all of them have actually ever been drawn.. >.>
Recently had access to a scanner, so will post all of the ones I've done so far, and then who knows when I'll scan in the rest that come after this.

Inktober Sketch #4

Fr. Andrea Sessa

I had to do a mini research project on shades in the 40s. Thankfully, the style I always draw Fr. Andrea wearing was around. Yay historical veracity! And swag for Fr. Andrea. >.>
Fr. Andrea is a Rome-borne, Vatican ambassador who works with the the resistance group in my story line set in 1943-1945, The Damned. His function in the story line is a link between protagonist #1, Florian Brandt, and the safe points outside the country where political, racial, and allied refugees are being helped to. He thus speaks fluent German with an on point accent, and is usually wearing plain-clothes. Luckily, Fr. Andrea does not have any sort of typically expected "priestly demeanor" to mask. He's rather flamboyant in personality, lurid in speech, and has enough sass for an army of teenage girls. He does have his serious moments, but those are reserved for truly serious situations.
Because of his personality, he's quick to befriend the group's main trouble maker, Jewish-orphaned-certified-arsonist, Tobias Tuchman, and is one of the only people Tobias will open up his thoughts to.
Fun Fact: He's named for the tour guide who took my group through Italy and Greece. That Andrea was also from Rome and had all the swag.

Spoiler Alert:
He dies in the end. He's killed at the very close of the war, shortly after the fall of Frankfurt, which is near where the group operates from.

Andrea - :iconpicklejelloz:
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October 16, 2016
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