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Hex Development by HugaDuck Hex Development by HugaDuck
Hex goes beyond development... he's more like EVOLUTION.

~~Plot Importance
:bulletwhite: In 2010 he was Zag, one of the original 4 IZOCs of mine. When I started writing TEW, I threw out the character Zag and made H.S. instead. However, he had the exact same personality as Zag. The only difference was he dropped from a main to a side, who actually died about mid plot. On my 3rd revision of TEW, I made H.S. albino and 'expanded his time in the fic' XD (he still ends up getting killed off towards the end) Then finally in my 4th revision, I updated his design, and gave him a bit of a more prominent role in the plot, though he's by no means a main anymore.

:bulletwhite: A lot of little details changed.. antenna patterns, outfit, tattoos.
:bulletwhite: Still rather short compared to everyone else.
:bulletwhite: Biggest change is that he's albino now, so loss of pigment in skin and eyes.
:bulletwhite:Due to being albino, now always has gloves or long sleeves, shades and a hat.

~~ Character
:bulletwhite: Through out the years, has maintained a high curiosity and slapstick sense of humor.
:bulletwhite: As H.S. grew a bit more serious, and tended to be a jerk at times
:bulletwhite: As Hex, both the screw-off side of him and the 'jerkish' side of him kind of blended together. He can be rude at times, but it's normally in humor, and once you get used to his bluntness, he can be a lot of fun.
:bulletwhite: As Hex, he also gained more responsibility for his actions, and I guess.. matured a bit.
:bulletwhite: As Zag and H.S., he didn't really have a job of any sort, but in the official TEW, he's a graphic artist, who is struggling to get hired. So really.... he still doesn't have a job.
:bulletwhite: Now that he's an albino, he can be a little self-conscious at times and gets snippy at any indication of him being a defect.

 Hex- :iconpicklejelloz:

jurek1236 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014

"Warning, Hex is evolutioning"

Actually this is the biggest OC progres of your's actually from this what i saw

HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
In design yes, but not a whole lot character/personality wise
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