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Group Shot - Photo Verison by HugaDuck Group Shot - Photo Verison by HugaDuck
Where my haters
Where my haters
I don't got em
I'm not famous, no
It don't matter what my name is
I don't got one I'm not famous, no
And I don't hate it, no

"Signed" photograph version! I had fun with those signatures.. Had to get some help with 'em from friends and family.

Just a re-cap on all of these guys while I have all of the characters in one place, since I'd just been dropping little tidbits here and there on massive sketch pages.
All of these characters formed around a roleplay with a friend of mine that takes place after my story, The Damned. It was basically all to do a ship between my kiddo, Lennard and her character, Rosalind, but we both expanded a bit. >.> (Now we're also shipping JA and Brigitte). I decided to let Lenni achieve his life long dream and organize his own swing band. It all started with him and his two coworkers, Christian and JA, getting together to write and play songs, and then they decided "go big or go home." They start looking to expand in August of 1951 and have the whole band together by about mid 1952.

Left to right:

Mathis Ichenhäuser - The drummer. Also knows how to play the violin, but his hands are so damn shaky. Well you know, shit happens when you wind up as a medical experimentation at Dachau... Despite all that, he's a level headed, chill guy. He was the last one they added to the band. He's very thankful all of these guys took him in.
Full description of him here:…
Franziska Mies- Lennard's younger sister, and their pianist... and occasionally when Lennard can convince her, a vocalist. She winds up in Stuttgart in her personal travels and sees a flyer they put out, looking for a pianist and a drummer. Recognizes her long-since-lost brother's name, and they have a.... tense reunion. I mean, the last time she heard about Lenni was when she was informed that he'd been arrested by the gestapo for resistance activity and would not be getting out alive. Takes a while, but they make up over their past differences, and she decides to stick around, glad to have found family again, and joins their band after some incessant begging.
Lennard Mies- Vocalist for the band. The closest singer I know that I can peg to his voice is Von Smith. Lennard's wanted to do something like this ever since he was a teen, but with his two friends being a war-obsessed wanna-be-general, and a pyromaniac Jew, (as well as swing music being banned for HJ), he never got the chance. A little encouragement from friends though, and he's been plowing on since. Lennard is a character from my story The Damned that takes place during the end of WWII.
Anatol Eisenstadt- If it wasn't obvious, he plays the trumpet. Anatol was the first to join the original trio and promptly brought his half-brother Lovis along with him. He's also the first to cause major trouble, as he doesn't speak up when Lennard asks everyone if they're okay with Mathis joining, and given that Anatol is still a strong National Socialist, antisemite... he naturally feels very uncomfortable around a Jewish, Dachau-survivor.... He ends up leaving at one point but comes back and reconciles with Mathis, who's as chill as a fridge about the whole thing... guy can't be phased.... Anatol's a pretty cool guy though, for all his issues. He's also probably the most mature... >.>
Full description of Anatol here:…
Joachim-Alois "JA" Senft- JA is the guitarist for the band and will occasionally sing with Lennard if he's feeling up to it. His weak heart tends to keep him from getting too loud or excited. He'll sing for his girlfriend, Brigitte though, when he's next to her and doesn't have to be very loud. JA tends to be the calm voice of reason in the group and reins Lennard's passions in when he starts thinking too big, or too far ahead.
JA is all over my gallery, but a lot on his history can be found here:…
Christian Fiorentino- Resident Austro-Italian, with Roma roots. He plays the bass and brings in the "weird" element to the group. This strange guy was a Luftwaffe pilot in the war and had a pretty nasty crash on his last flight. Everyone's pretty sure it messed up his head, but his sister Mia will say he's always been the odd one. Christian has five pigeons who follow him around constantly and he flirts with just about any breathing female. >.> Lord help him.
Lovis Eisenstadt- Aaaaand the saxophonist. Lovis is a small guy, but he plays like he has lungs of steel. He's the quiet side to his louder half-brother, Anatol, and is a very nervous, naive, innocent, sheltered kiddo who's still learning the ropes of city life after being confined to a farm his entire childhood and literally never parting with the land. He's so quiet, sometimes they forget he's there... >.>
Full description of Lovis posted here:…

I'm Not Famous - AJR :…
all characters - :iconhugaduck:
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