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Greg Hollins by HugaDuck Greg Hollins by HugaDuck

  Proper Villainy is one is my oldest original story line. PV takes stereotypical fantasy elements and either plays off of them, or flat out goes the opposite direction. It’s got what you’d expect in a fantasy setting, dragons, magic, elves, ect but also throws in more modern (around 1920s) technology, slang, terminology, and other things you wouldn’t expect to find in a true fantasy world. It also plays huge off of the heroes vs villains theme, turning Heroism and Villainy into occupational jobs, and even an art form. The story focuses primarily on the struggle of the two main characters to get accepted into the Admoore Society of Villainy, (ASV).

Being my oldest story line, /perhaps around seven years/ it’s got a lot of development, and it’s still something I really have hopes for publishing someday, but I rarely work on it or draw the characters. I’d done up reference pages for the four main characters a long time ago, but never got around to posting them. Happened to give Sven a recent redesign and found them again. Had to redraw both Sven and Celeste and fix details on Greg and Kalla, (as they no longer looked very good to me), but I’m finally getting around to posting them, even if I don’t work with them too much after this.

Not going to elaborate on what happens in the story line as I’m rather protective of some of the elements of this story line (I swear Megamind bugged my house and stole from me, it’s not fair I got so mad watching that movie because I saw my originality going down the drain >:I ) so I’ll just say a bit about the characters so that if I do draw more of them in the future, they won’t be total strangers to my dA page, as I realized my folder for PV is completely empty. 8I </i>




Full Name: Gregory Hollins – goes by “Greg” –
Age: 21 years
Height: 6’
Religion: N/A – Agnostic
Story Line: Proper Villainy


If there’s anything that qualifies one to join the Society of Villainy, it’s having a sob story, and Greg’s got one. In fact, it’s really one of the only things he’s got going for him that’s looked for when reviewing someone for apprenticeship. Greg grew up in a fishing town, both of his parents being of the profession, and both of them losing their lives aboard a boat during “The Dragon Attack” as it is referred to and understood by all in the region. Greg thus ended up in an orphanage where he stayed until he was sixteen. By then, he’d had about enough and snuck out to try and make a better life for himself… in a variety of jobs, none of which really suited him. After being told maybe around 26 or 27 times that he’d be better off dead/in jail/far far away/ ect ect, he decided he’d see if he could make it in the world of villainy, an art that at the time was dying away and was looking for new faces. Though he may be vain, annoying, sometimes selfish, and sleazy, he doesn’t seem to be the “great villain material” the ASV is looking for. But if he can find a way to get through and be known as the most obnoxious and irksome villain ever, he’d be happy to at least be something other than the orphaned son of some fishermen.


Random details:

-He’s from the lower class and is currently poor as dirt, but he likes to act like high and mighty, like a real gentleman of society. However, he doesn’t really know how the ‘high and mighty’ act, so he often just looks like a moron.

-He loves mint. Mint everything. Make it mint.

-His favorite color is purple, but Kalla told him that was her color and he wasn’t allowed to wear it. Somehow Sven gets away with wearing it. Greg thinks there is some injustice here.

-He can play guitar. Not super well, but he can play.

-He’s allergic to cats. Highly allergic.

-Entrance is everything for him. He walks into the freaking kitchen and has to put on a brief show of his amazingness… even if no one is there…. ESPECIALLY if no one is there. ((he’s a sing-in-the-shower kind of guy))

-Small children scare him. He just doesn’t know what to do with them….

-The earliest form of Greg spawned off of a role play version of Doctor Who’s “The Master.” Not sure how it happened…. But it did and now I’ve got this dolt.


His playlist includes:

Everybody Loves Me – One Republic
Cooler Than Me – Mike Posner
Secrets – One Republic
Come Together – The Beatles
My Evil Plan to Save the World – Five Iron Frenzy
Some Nights – fun.

Greg - :iconpicklejelloz:

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