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Fr. Lawrence Hyden by HugaDuck Fr. Lawrence Hyden by HugaDuck
I gave up on Inktober on the 20th drawing..... but I still want to finish this someday with all my priests/brothers/nuns ect.
These are the last ones I got done way back in October before I gave up XD

Fr. Lawrence Hyden

One of my few diocesan priests, Fr. Lawrence is the chaplain of this yettobenamedParish that Fr. McCarthy stays at while working as a hospital chaplain.
Fr. Lawrence.... not a whole lot to say about him. He hasn't been very developed.

He's a bit more of a strict person, who goes by the rules and likes order and efficiency. If something's not running smoothly, he's going to find out what, and he's going to work to fix it, whether it be poor leadership in the CYM or a broken air conditioning unit. He's probably one of the greatest things to happen to the Parish in that sense, as it's in a poor part of the city and has always had a problem with keeping things running due to inefficient organization and management. Fr. Lawrence keeps things going.
He's also a very talented cook.
And that's all I got for now on him.
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