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Fr. Asher Leon by HugaDuck Fr. Asher Leon by HugaDuck
I gave up on Inktober on the 20th drawing..... but I still want to finish this someday with all my priests/brothers/nuns ect.
These are the last ones I got done way back in October before I gave up XD

Fr. Asher Leon OSB

Fr. Asher's got one of the more interesting stories of the members of the community. He was originally professed and ordained in an abbey that was part of the English Benedictine Congregation. When is community formed a branched off abbey in the states, he was sent over the pond to help oversee it's growth. Unfortunately, the community he was professed into was slowly becoming more and more corrupt and as it fell apart, so did it's house in the States. Eventually, both houses crumbled and dissolved and Fr. Asher returned to England. Many of the members of his abbey left the order completely and returned to the laity, foregoing their vows while others were adopted into other houses within the congregation. Fr. Asher didn't feel at rest anywhere though, and kept feeling a pull to return to the States. He kept up correspondence with a Br. Sylvester Lowry, who at the time was the Prior of a community in the American-Cassinese Congregation who he'd met while in the States. Br. Sylvester's community was going through a tough time, only having 6 monks in the community and hadn't been able to meet the needs of the elementary/middle school they had been helping by supplying teachers to. Fr. Asher, having taught elementary students when in the States, felt he'd found where he was needed and pleaded with leading members of his congregation to let him return to the States and help their brothers. Through incessant requests and dialogue between the two communities, Fr. Asher was allowed to join the American community. It wasn't supposed to be a permanent transition, but 30 years later, Fr. Asher is still there, now with American citizenship and considered a full member of the abbey.
Once you hear Fr. Asher’s voice, you don’t easily forget it. Deep and resounding off the walls of the Abbey’s Church, still with his thick English accent, he’s usually the one leading the Liturgy of the Hours.
Fr. Asher is the closest thing to the “Grandfather” of the Abbey, with the kind of personality that makes you wonder if he really is. As well as still teaching in an elementary school, Fr. Asher is the Cellarer of the Abbey, which in the Rule of Benedict is a role with a place of more importance then the Prior. As the Cellarer, it’s Fr. Asher’s job to maintain the physical aspects of the monastery to allow for the Abbot to be more focused on the spiritual. He oversees all the materials, food, and supplies within the monastery and how they are used, so if a monk or someone outside the Abbey is in need, it’s him they come to.

Fr. Asher is usually seen with Br. Ignatius hot on his tail, willingly sharing in his daily tasks. The two share a special father-son relationship, governed by a tough-love policy. After Br. Ignatius completed his time as a postulant, it was Fr. Asher who insisted the most that he be allowed to join, despite doubts of the young Brother’s commitment.

Asher - :iconhugaduck:
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