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Elias Action Practice Sketches by HugaDuck Elias Action Practice Sketches by HugaDuck

Yeeeiy! McCarthy sketches.
So this is 16/17 year old Elias, not 33/34 year old Elias that I'm always drawing.

Now I've explained before the WhiteRoses setting. It's basically post-apocalyptic. Everything's pretty much gone to hell and never came back.

Now, I'm finally going to give those who asked for it, some McCarthy back-story time!!! ((and there was much rejoicing..... yaaaay |:I ))

For all those TL;DR people... Elias has childhood issues. :I

. . .

Elias comes from a large city called Ernford. It's up towards the north-eastern corner of the former US. Damage wise, there's not much left of it. It's pretty much a bunch of skeletal remains of skyscrapers and whatnot, and half torn down buildings. Society wise, it's run by small factions heavily based on family ties. It's not as bad as the main city in WhiteRoses' story line, Baleston which is dominated by one large gang and governed with heavy violence and fear. In Ernford, because the factions are based on families and regions, no one really 'doesn't belong' to a faction, so no one is 'ruled over' in a sense. They're not into human trafficking like it is in Baleston, and the majority of the factions aren't nearly as blood-thirsty and power-hungry. They have disputes with each other over supplies, territory, and personal issues, but it's never anything that results in large amounts of bloodshed.

--A little on the factions: Factions in Ernford take the last name of the person in charge. They are usually the predominant family in the faction, though other families not blood related can be in the faction as well. Extreme loyalty to family and faction is stressed in society. Typically, the leader of the faction will pass on leadership to one of his/her children with the faction's consent, but they can be challenged by someone and loose the position if the faction supports the challenge for a just reason.--

Elias belonged to the Sheenan faction, formerly the McCarthy faction. ((Previously run by one of the McCarthy family until he was challenged for leadership after a devastating loss of territory by a Sheenan.)) The loss of control of the faction by the McCarthy's was a huge blow to family pride and the respect they used to have been given. Elias' father, William McCarthy, constantly sought to re-gain this lost respect, but ultimately just won more contempt from the other faction members, even those of his own family. However, William wanted to make sure his son helped to build up the McCarthy name and started teaching him how to fight at an earlier age than most and making sure he fully understood faction structure.

Elias’ story really begins when his sister, Briana falls ill. The disease was slowly killing her, and there was nothing that could really be done to stop it, only slow it down. Elias had a very close relationship with Briana and was fully prepared to do anything to help her. He eventually had to, at almost 16 when his father was injured badly, to the point he had to drop out of service towards the faction. Elias was expected to take up the role his father had left, which was a soldier position really, helping to settle disputes, protecting borders and supplies… If he didn’t take up the role, there was the possibility of them being ostracized from the faction as his mother was more concerned with taking care of Briana, and now her husband, and there was not much she could do for the faction. They could easily be left to picked on by neighboring factions, because their home was located right near a border. However, the Sheenan faction had been steadily losing power in the area for the past several years, and Elias has realized it wasn’t looking to get too much better, with the surrounding factions only growing stronger. Thus, he made the decision to offer himself to the Doherty faction, the closest neighboring one. ((You can tell by all these surnames how the area was built by European immigrants, and Ernford in particular, by the Irish. XU  Elias himself is Irish-Russian.))

The Doherty faction took him in, given his skill. This caused him to be disowned by his father, and his immediate family, disowned by the Sheenan faction. The family still had the protection of the Doherty faction though, ever with Elias’ father not wanting it. However, Briana was getting what she needed, so Elias wasn’t fazed with being kicked out of his house. He was soon adopted into the inner Doherty family and was able to gain their respect and trust.

I want to get around to drawing his family and the prominent Doherty characters later on, but a little too busy with other things right now. I’ll also explain later the second half of his teen years and how he ends up joining the Jesuit order, because that’s a whole other bunch of paragraphs. X3

These sketches were mainly spurred by this song,…
(I’m Shipping Up to Boston Instrumental by Dropkick Murphys) Irish Metal FTW!!!! >8D it fits teen Elias so well Made me want to do some action poses >8U

Mainly referenced from these--
Battle Poses- Ass Kicking
Battle Poses- Kick and Punch


Elias McCarthy- :iconpicklejelloz:

ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I read it.

I read it ALL. 8I

seriously love these poses though :heart:
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Thanks! ^u^
ahsoka626 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :D
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