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Ecce Lignum Crucis by HugaDuck Ecce Lignum Crucis by HugaDuck

Ecce lignum Crucis,
In quo salus mundi pepéndit.

Veníte, adorémus.

Pópule meus, quid feci tibi?
Aut in quo constristávi te?
Respónde mihi.
Quia edúxi te de terra Ægypti,
Parásti crucem Salvatóri tuo.

Agios o Theos!
Sanctus Deus!
Agios íschyros!
Sanctus fortis!
Agios athánatos, eléison imas.
Sanctus immortális, miserére nobis.


On Good Friday, the second day of the Holy Triduum, the Passion of Christ is chanted and the crucifix is venerated.
While the Catholic Church is often accused of worshiping a "dead Christ" because she leaves the corpus on the cross, the Church holds the crucifix to be a symbol of triumph over death.

"The usage of the crucifix is not trivial, nor is it a morbid preoccupation with Christ's Death. In it we are reminded of how much Jesus loved each of us individually and as a human race as He hung upon the cruel Cross that was transformed from a sign of torture to the sign of salvation of all Mankind. And at Mass, we are really present at Calvary on Good Friday, and thus, it is the crucifix that intimately reminds us of such an amazing and startling fact."
 (Why Catholics Use and Embrace Crucifixes, Lauer)…

And yes, New Order friends. Black IS a Liturgical Color and it's used on Good Friday rather than red.

//Apologies for Apple users. Details may be rather dark and hard to make out near the top.//

This year, I am re-visiting a series I drew for the Holy Triduum last year.
Last year's Good Friday drawing -->…

Fr. Jerry - :iconpicklejelloz:

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