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Concept Dump by HugaDuck Concept Dump by HugaDuck

Sorry, I'm story concept bombing again.
So I had a trippy dream.
And this happened because of it.
Heavily inspired by Invader Zim and my love of history. If anyone can say what event, more specifically Vanz, this is based off of, I will love you forever. BECAUSE HARDLY ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS. The guy Vanz is based off of is one of my top favorite historical figures.
Probably am not going to do much with these, but they're fun to draw and the story has been a blast developing. Almost have a first chapter written, so we'll see if anything comes of that.

Basically, when a head weapons engineer of an Imperial alien force goes awol after being asked to build a super weapon they’ve had on the back burner. Because of the sheer destructive capabilities of this thing, the Chancellor wasn’t originally planning on furthering the construction and use of it…. But things aren’t looking so great. Their big conquest plan is starting to fall through due to internal conflicts an drained resources. That, and they’ve picked a fight with the wrong forces. A certain enemy has joined the forces fighting to stop them, and it’s a lot bigger and a lot tougher than anyone else on the table…. And a lot more ruthless.

Seeing that if something isn't done quickly, they will be beaten back and over taken by all the enemies they've made, this scientist decides the next best thing is to hightail it over to the more friendly opponent's side and hope that he can make better use of his abilities there, AND prevent his technology from falling into the hands of their... less friendly enemies who could use it to do far more damage to them and their neighbors.

With his commander and lieutenant at his side, he steals the Core, basically the engine to this weapon he’s supposed to create, hijacks a shuttle and takes off. Unfortunately, they hit a few road bumps on the way and are knocked waaaaaay off course, and end up in an isolationist-zone galaxy known to the locals as The Milky Way. The shuttle crash lands outside the limits of Fredericksburg, TX, on planet earth, interrupting 21 year old Teagan on her way to work at a local sports bar.

Given that the inhabitants of Earth have declared their galaxy off limits to foreigners and isolated themselves, she's naturally surprised to come face to face with alien beings. The kind of.... I'm going to zap you with this taser and hit you with a frying pan kind of surprised....

With a broken shuttle, no communications outside of the galaxy, and on a planet where their being present is a violation of Earth's space and considered an "act of war".... the gang is thrown into chaos... trying to find a way off the planet and to someone who can help, before the Empire manages to get another scientist to recreate his Core and construct the weapon, or worse…. track them down, arrest them, and take the original Core along with….




Vanz Marlor:
Space ship enthusiast since he was a little kid, Vanz has always dreamed of building new ships that will go farther and faster, and exploring the untouched limits of space!
Instead, he’s building weapons for the Chancellor. He’s really fine with the whole “galactic conquest” thing…. He just wishes the Chancellor would be smarter about his resources, and he REALLY wishes, he would be granted permission to work on some of his personal projects….
Vanz is snippy and arrogant, and probably a bit of a sociopath. Okay no, he IS a sociopath. Most of the time. He does have a limit.
He moves around with a bit of a lurch and makes a lot of jerking, sudden movements…. Almost in a reptilian sort of way, I guess is how I would describe it.
He has sharp pointy teeth that stick out sometimes and likes to spin around in swivley chairs for hours on end.

Soeulyar’s people were once an ally of Vanz’s…… until their Chancellor went insane and killed off the other two Chancellors and waged war on everyone…. Soeulyar’s people were put into enslavement and Soeulyar, being an engineer among his own people, was placed on Vanz’s team. When Vanz made a name for himself and was granted his own study and team to command, he made a special request to have Soeulyar made his commander, or second. He had a lot of respect for Soeulyar, more so than his own people, and had to fight hard to get an “alien” put so high on his personal crew, but he was very valued by the Chancellor at that point, so he was given Soeulyar.
Soeulyar is a quiet, stoic individual. His planet is extremely cold, but has a very hot core, so they all live underground in a vast system of caves that hold their cities, villages, etc.
Because they’re used to living in such cold climates, even the cool atmosphere of the Chancellor’s Mother Ship is a bit warm for Soeulyar, and he REEEAAAALLLLLY struggles when they crash land in Texas. It becomes a hassle, keeping him cool and hydrated, as his skin is almost amphibian like and needs to stay moist.
You won’t see Soeulyar’s mouth, eyes, (or gills) unless they’re open. When closed, the openings are completely invisible, and it just appears as smooth skin.
Used to living in dark places, unnatural or strong light hurts his eyes, so he covers them with a bandana.
He also glows!!! Depending on how dark it is, the skin around his head will emit a soft, cerulean blue light, as well as spots and patterns all down his back, at his shoulders, forearms, thighs, and knees. It’s a soft light normally, but if there is a need, he can control how bright the glow is and can make it brighter. Handy for Vanz when there are power shorts on the ship.

Rhoo Corsallus:
Rhoo is the 4th in command in Vanz’s team, and apart from Soeulyar, is the only one he trusts with his honesty. She’s soft hearted, compassionate, and kind of the wonderful, loving aunt of the group. In a society that typically does not value females in the military and science fields, she’s had to go through a lot to get where she is, but now that she’s there, she’s questioning whether it was worth it, not liking what the Empire is doing. When Vanz hatches a plan to go awol, she’s more than eager to go along with it.
Rhoo functions as sort of… the ice to Vanz’s burn. If he gets too carried away, or all riled up, she’ll be the one to reign him back in.
She’s also freaking adorable.
Rhoo specializes in computer science and AI management. She knows how to build, destroy, and hack into a program of just about any kind.

Currently unnamed dude:
I don’t know what to call this guy yet. Still debating.
Anyway, he’s a member of another species that’s been conquered and enslaved. He’s currently assigned to doing upkeep on all of the shuttles accompanying the Mother Ship. It just so happens that he’s doing some cleaning on one when three crazy reengage scientists hop on it and make off with him inside of it, unbeknownst to them until later.
He’s just a maintenance guy. He didn’t ask for any of this. He used to build motorcycles…. Frankly, he just wants to go home.
He looks like a stereotypical stoned California surfer dude to me, so he talks like one now.
He is not the brightest light bulb in the box… in fact, he’s the dimmest. Incredibly gullible and slow to react, he can be a thorn in Vanz’s side, but Rhoo said he wasn’t allowed to throw him out. He comes in handy every now and then, and Teagan’s brother likes him, so there’s that. : P
I accidently developed him out of the story. He throws off the chemistry I made between my three scientists….. maybe he’ll come back… idk. I really loved his design.

Teagan Ann Whittner:
Teagan  was given up for adoption at birth and was taken in by a couple who couldn’t have children of their own. She’s been desperate to leave Fredericksburg and explore the world… and was on her way after attending two years at a community college and planning a route to go farther.. when her adoptive mother died in a freak car accident and with her father’s health not always in the best shape, she gave up her dreams to come back home and take care of her younger brother, another adopted member of the family. She now works at a sports bar and has learned to be content with this life, even though she still dreams of getting out and exploring the world…
Teagan is sarcastic, sassy, and has enough attitude to supply an army. She may not be the brightest of the bright, but she’s intuitive, creative, and tough as hell. She drives a big ass pickup truck and wishes her boyfriend would stop calling her when she’s in the middle of a dangerous mission to save the universe.

Shark Whittner:
Well, I mean…. His mom was a deranged, drug addict who was never in her right mind… Hence “Shark.” 14 years old now, Shark was taken from his mother when he was six and was tossed around in foster care until he came to the Whittners’ at nine, and officially adopted him when he was twelve. Five years as a sibling to Teagan was enough for them to form a bond that rendered them nearly inseparable. Teagan had issues of her own, but none like Shark’s, growing up with his mother in the environment she lived in. He was unstable, angry, and violent until a few years with the Whittners and Teagan. He still has his days, but he’s more like a normal 14 year old boy should be.
Shark is OBSESSED with space. He wants to work for NASA someday, even though space relations have been almost entirely taken over by the US government and military, rendering NASA almost useless, especially with Earth’s current isolationist policy. Shark’s biggest dream though is to go to space, see other planets, and meet real life aliens! His favorite show is Star Trek. He’s seen ALL OF THEM. Every series. Every episode. Spock will forever be his favorite though.
Shark is always getting into trouble, so Teagan is extra protective of him and freaks out when she doesn’t know where he is.

//actually, Shark was originally created based off the little “shark” vacuum I used when I worked at Panera. I had a love-hate relationship with that annoying little bastard. |:I //


Addis Koubin:
Addis is currently the sole Chancellor of the Empire. The way their government is supposed to be set up, there is one Emperor who serves for life and holds supreme power, three Chancellors overseeing home and abroad affairs in their own spectrums, and a Senate to advise the Emperor and check the Chancellors. However, with the current Emperor old and ailing, and the Senate bribed and corrupted into submission, Chancellor Koubin has gained almost total control. Having staged the deaths of the other two Chancellors, Addis has been running all affairs with the Emperor in too poor of a condition to be aware of their current situation, and the Senate, who should have taken the reigns long ago, idly allowing Addis to do whatever he wants.
It started off well, Addis rising up to put down rebellion and the splintering apart of the Empire’s world-wide power, improving their economy, and by military force, expanding their power to neighboring planets…. But as their conquest continued, things began to spiral downhill… as large scale conquest tends to do. Things aren’t looking so hot for the Empire, and Addis and his top generals know it, though none of them are about to turn tail and face the looming consequences they’ve been building up as they add powerful galactic alliances to their list of enemies.
Addis thus turns to his last resort, getting his top scientists to get back to work on a super weapon he’d been having researched before, a project that was called off when Addis still had a sense of decency and fair play in war…. Desperate times call for desperate measures… and use of vastly superior and devastating technology….
Addis is basically meant to be “what you would get if you mixed Adolf Hitler with Julius Caesar… IN SPACE!” He’s smooth, calm and sophisticated, almost charming at times, in his general demeanor, and knows how to get what he wants and win people to himself. He’s also extremely unstable, with a power-lust that nothing can quite satisfy and a fervent desire to go as far and for as long as he can. He becomes extremely violent when infuriated, and will not hesitate to eliminate his staff. Hence why he’s having more and more problems, as he doesn’t quite equate his disregard for life with the fact that the Empire’s pool of talented and adequate persons continues to shrink more and more.


Characters in the works:

General Lark  - the bounty hunter who’s after the gang

Teagan’s unnamed boyfriend. Not sure how important I want him to be yet…. >.>

///I've been working on another colored piece, and I've altered their color schemes a bit from this pic, but whatevs.///

characters, story - :iconhugaduck:

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Vanz Marlor parallels Wernher von Braun, or am I mistaken?
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're right!! Loosely based around his whole story and the surrounding aspects.
milkiatte Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017
Man this sounds like a really great concept for a story :"0
I especially like the concept for Addis - in most of the stories with dictator-type characters that I see, things go downhill the very moment The Evil Dictator™ steps into the stage so it's nice to see one where things actually improve at first, it makes for a more realistic set-up imo
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, thank you! I'm glad you appreciated that. Interesting to hear your insight. I find it a more realistic aspect as well, but it helps a bit when you're parodying real life people and situations, I suppose. X3
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ooooooh I like this already!
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Thanks! >u<

And it was.
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