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Character Development by HugaDuck Character Development by HugaDuck
Been working on a new baby over the past month because for whatever reason, my brain decided I needed another baby.

This guy's been around for a few years actually, or at least the concept and inspiration for him. The idea for him came about my Sophomore year when we watched the movie, Joyeux Noel in my German class. Best foreign movie I've ever seen. Amazing actors from several different countries... The characters all speak their own language, so you've got English, French and German flying back and forth, making subtitles necessary if you're not a linguist of sorts. XD But that's one aspect I absolutely love about it. My favorite character from the movie was Ponchel, the French Lieutenant's aide-de-camp. He was played by the French comedian, actor and film-writer, Dany Boon. The way he portrayed his character captured my heart and then ripped it to pieces. At the time, I was just beginning to develop The Damned and an idea for a character was worked into the after story of my character Niklas, based off of Ponchel.

Recently, early January time, two of my friends jumped on the fact that I didn't have much planned for Lennard and Niklas after The Damned ends and asked if they could develop ships for them, (given that if things are left up to me, they'll be lonely forever.) :iconcurlyhaireddork: latched onto Niklas and we started developing a story for him and her new character Violette. All I knew for Niklas was that he ends up in France due to a friendship he forms with a French soldier, (after getting severely damaged and caught of course.)
So I had a new excuse to develop a new child.

Went back to the roots of his inspiration and looked up Dany Boon, as I didn't know who he was before hand. This man. Good golly. I've never taken a class over French... I know next to nothing of the language. But I've sat through several of this man's comedy routines and laughed myself to tears. Can't understand a thing he says. Doesn't matter. The man is a riot. It's almost like he can't decide what pitch he wants to speak at... the strangest noises come out of him.. laughs, sighs, banshee shrieks.... He's extremely animated in the way he moves and the faces he makes. Loved him. Took a looooot from his voice, the way he speaks in general and his over all demeanor when he performs on stage to develop Philippe here. actually threw this together near the end of his initial development for my friend.. clips from Joyeux Noel showing the way Boon talks in the film and the main inspiration for Philippe…

So for the past month I've really done nothing artistic except for doodle this guy until I got him exactly how I wanted him, develop him and post-war Niklas and rp.
Oh yeah, and a hella-lotta short stories involving characters we've developed for this story line.
So productive.
And still haven't finished Chapter 1 of The Damned.
I'm getting there.

So. Philippe Beaumont. Will probably see more of him in the future. He's so damn precious.

And just to illustrate my dedication here: I did a mini research project over the term "Sacrebleu" because I'd learned a while back that the term was not really used in France anymore. But I reallyfreakingwantedPhilippetouseit so I spent several hours trying to figure out when the term came about and when it went out of style. FROM WHAT I'VE GATHERED, it became unpopular to say in the 60s-70s time frame, so if that's correct, IcanstilluseitwithPhilippe.
Plus Philippe is totally that type of person who in a world of people shouting "Oh my God" and much worse profanities, he would still be the one who yells, "Golly gee!"

Philippe, Niklas - :iconpicklejelloz:
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February 3, 2016
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