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Celeste Coopers by HugaDuck Celeste Coopers by HugaDuck

Proper Villainy is one is my oldest original story line. PV takes stereotypical fantasy elements and either plays off of them, or flat out goes the opposite direction. It’s got what you’d expect in a fantasy setting, dragons, magic, elves, ect but also throws in more modern (around 1920s) technology, slang, terminology, and other things you wouldn’t expect to find in a true fantasy world. It also plays huge off of the heroes vs villains theme, turning Heroism and Villainy into occupational jobs, and even an art form. The story focuses primarily on the struggle of the two main characters to get accepted into the Admoore Society of Villainy, (ASV).

Being my oldest story line, /perhaps around seven years/ it’s got a lot of development, and it’s still something I really have hopes for publishing someday, but I rarely work on it or draw the characters. I’d done up reference pages for the four main characters a long time ago, but never got around to posting them. Happened to give Sven a recent redesign and found them again. Had to redraw both Sven and Celeste and fix details on Greg and Kalla, (as they no longer looked very good to me), but I’m finally getting around to posting them, even if I don’t work with them too much after this.

Not going to elaborate on what happens in the story line as I’m rather protective of some of the elements of this story line (I swear Megamind bugged my house and stole from me, it’s not fair I got so mad watching that movie because I saw my originality going down the drain >:I ) so I’ll just say a bit about the characters so that if I do draw more of them in the future, they won’t be total strangers to my dA page, as I realized my folder for PV is completely empty. 8I </i>


Full Name: Celeste Coopers
Age: 25 years
Height: 5’10’’
Religion: Deist
Story Line: Proper Villainy


Celeste has always known what she wanted to be when she grew up. She had big aspirations for being a daughter of bakers in a small rural town just outside of the Admoore region limits. That and the fact that the Admoore Society of Heroism hadn’t granted full membership to a woman for eleven years. Celeste however, had always had full support from her family and town, raised on the belief that she could do anything she put her mind to, and she did, gaining membership to the ASH despite being rather disliked by the president of the Society and a few fellow cohorts. Assigned to the merchant town of Dwinnelton, she scared the first town villain off and after the next one quit the society, she ends up being the force that Greg and Sven have to reckon with in their efforts to be admitted into the Society of Villainy. And she doesn’t make it very easy.


Random Details:

-She has a bad habit of leaving town to go off and rescue maidens from towers and laugh at all the knights and princes who showed up late hoping for a fairy tale wedding.

-It doesn’t matter WHAT she’s doing or what time it is, she’s always up for apple pie and coffee.

-Whenever there’s a party or ball, she’s at it. Not because she’s there in case there’s trouble really, but she likes having excuses to dress up. This has resulted in some duels while she was in a dress and heels several times.

-She rides a huge white horse because she is her own Knight.

-That being said, it’s a big question in Dwinnelton if she’s dating the Duke’s son or not. It’s a little unclear and neither of them give hints either way… but they sure are seen a lot together.

-She wishes she lived in a region that supported spontaneously bursting into song. She’d be really good at that. But hiring musicians who are experts at being in the right place and the right time is really expensive and Admoore doesn’t spend money on such things….

-She started a self defense club in Dwinnelton. It’s mostly full of ten to fifteen year olds.

-Celeste has a never ever ever ever ever give up policy. Given Kalla’s tough love teaching methods, she’s often trying to lift Greg and Sven’s hopes and spirits…. After she kicks their butts, of course.  


Playlist Includes:

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
To the Sky- Owl City
Never Underestimate a Girl – Vanessa Hudgens
Don’t Fail Me Now – Melanie Amaro
Bo$$ - Fifth Harmony
One Girl Revolution – Superchick
Die Young – PMJ Vintage Bluegrass cover

Celeste - :iconpicklejelloz:

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