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Br. Joseph Pallesen by HugaDuck Br. Joseph Pallesen by HugaDuck
I gave up on Inktober on the 20th drawing..... but I still want to finish this someday with all my priests/brothers/nuns ect.
These are the last ones I got done way back in October before I gave up XD

Br. Joseph Pallesen OSB

He's sort of the main character of "It Takes a Monastery." I say sort of, because the story line as of right now has this weird feel where I'm not really sure that there is a "main character," per se, but there's more just this... conglomeration of... yeah. But he gets the most focus.

Br. Joseph's really just a quiet guy... He's in his early 50s, been with the Abbey for a little less than 30 years now. Known for being the quiet observer. He sees things very simply. He articulates things very simply. If you're stressed out about something and it seems to complex.... go talk to him. He'll break it all down.
Br. Joseph has been the established Porter for the Abbey for several years, which is a very important position in a monastery. As the Porter, he does most of the necessary interacting with the world beyond the Abbey, being the one to welcome and aid guests and visitors. If someone rings the bell of the Abbey’s door late at night, he’s the one who goes to them. As the Porter is sometimes the only monk a visitor will see, Br. Joseph’s simplistic, cordial and mellow nature make it quite obvious why he’s the man for the job.
Br. Joseph's also got a serious green thumb. He's the nominated manager of all things having to do with the garden they've got going. Hence the horribly drawn rake. There are so many things wrong with that rake. That's going to be his rake though. And he's going to name it. I don't know what, but I feel an emotional connection to that rake.

Also, side fact, Br. Joseph is only a few centimeters shorter than Fr. McCarthy. But he does slouch quite a bit.... soooooo >.>

Also also, look at that horrifying rake. Drawn late at night without a reference, and for the life of me, I could not picture a rake clearly.

Joseph - :iconhugaduck:
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December 1, 2016
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