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Br. Cassian Ayers by HugaDuck Br. Cassian Ayers by HugaDuck
I gave up on Inktober on the 20th drawing..... but I still want to finish this someday with all my priests/brothers/nuns ect.
These are the last ones I got done way back in October before I gave up XD

"Guess what I have behind my back! Guess!"
"I swear, Cassian, if it's another frog,"
"Noooo, it's not a frog..."
"It's a toad, silly!"

Br. Cassian Ayers

Br. Cass is the second to youngest member of the community, being 23 years old and having just recently professed solemn vows. To apply the word, "solemn" to him though, is a bit of a stretch. Br. Cass is the monastery's official prankster and built-in-comedian. Not to say he CAN'T be solemn, for otherwise, he wouldn't have been allowed to profess, but at any moment where it wouldn't be COMPLETELY inappropriate to exercise his practical-joker type nature, he surely will do so.
Fr. Nathaniel butts heads with him a lot, given their starkly different personalities and outlooks, and their arguments usually end with an apology from Br. Cass and a word to Fr. Nathaniel from the Abbot that he ought to lighten up a bit.... Br. Cass also makes a habit... *snrk* .... of pulling his jokes on Br. Ignatius, having a sort of sibling-like, ha, I'm not the youngest anymore, YOU are!, immature, sophomore in high school vs freshman like relationship.
Br. Cass is also the appointed Sacristan of the Abbey, meaning it’s his job to make sure that all materials, vestments, and sacred items are ready for every service. Ironic that such a position was given to the man most likely to release a bucket full of frogs into the Abbey.
He names everything Ramirez. Frogs, spiders, birds, cobwebs, candlesticks... everything.

I also decided last night out of nowhere that he and shoes don't get along. If he doesn't NEED to be wearing them, he's not. This also annoys Fr. Nathaniel..... but then.... pretty much everything does.

Cassian - :iconhugaduck:
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December 1, 2016
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