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Anatol and Lovis Eisenstadt by HugaDuck Anatol and Lovis Eisenstadt by HugaDuck
Doodled these two up a while back. Finally got around to coloring that sketch up top.

Been working on fleshing out Lenni's band. So far have Lenni doing vocals, JA on guitar, Christian on bass, Merle on piano, and then these two doing trumpet and alto sax. Have my drummer, Heiko, in the works, but no official design.

I really don't think I'll draw these two too much in the future, but I really love their designs. Who knows. In the RP a friend and I have been running with Lenni, JA, and her kids, we're in June of 1951, and these two more than likely will meet Lennard and JA in late 1952.
I realize since I post little of what I write and develop, a lot of this probably makes no sense to anyone bothering to read, but eh. Maybe someday I'll have amassed enough info for this to make sense to someone. :I

Development on these two so far:

Anatol is 31 in 1952 (I plan on Lenni’s band meeting them late that year, November timeframe). He has a large capacity for maturity, but can act like a total goof a lot of the time. He’s really friggin smart, and was placed in an Adolf Hitler school during his time in the HJ and was placed in the Wehrmacht in 1940 when he was 19. He managed to survive the war and achieved ranks requiring leadership skills, making him pretty adept at it. He tends to be the voice of reason in the band, though he yields primary authority to Lennard.
Anatol had a fiancé during the war, but she died during a bombing raid. He still mourns her, but has learned how to love and let go and move on. He’s ready for new chapters in his life, and meeting his brother in 1947 was a big one.
Lovis is 20 in 1952, a remarkable 11 year difference between him and his half-brother. He was EXTREMELY sheltered as a child and is still trying to figure out how life works and has a lot of trust issues. Anatol has been instrumental in helping him out there. He’s kind and soft spoken with a higher pitched, feminine sounding voice. He can sing pretty well, but is hesitant to throw that fact around. He finds his voice mostly through playing music, and kind of loves his alto sax… a lot. He named her Heidi.

So, they’re half-brothers you say? Explain, bitte, they look quite different… :I (they both look just like their dads. I pity their mom)


A long time ago in a much, much bigger Germany, a dude named Albert married a girl named Freida. Freida was madly in love with Albert but Albert was in the SA and was really busy doing Nazi things all the time. He was also kind of a forceful, pushy jerk, but that’s beside the point, she loved him anyways, and he obsessively loved her. :I From their love, Germany got an Anatol. And they looked at Anatol and saw he was cute. (He was also really flippin smart, so dad was happy. Yay Aryan race, ‘n’ shit).
At this time, Germany has been open to students from China and Japan, who flocked to Germany to study because of ridiculously low costs to do so. German-Asian relations were kinda tense in the 20s, and early 30s, but everyone was getting by. So there’s this young, Japanese, pretty freaking brilliant and free spirited science enthusiast, Tanabe Fumiaki. Fumiaki is like bruh, I love western culture and their girls. Blonde hair is sooo cool. He meets Freida, and is like, dang gurl you so blonde, and free spirited. Dang, I like it. And Freida’s like, wow you’re so respectful in mannerisms and cute and here and not off being busy like by husband. Guess there’s nothing wrong with two friends hanging out for company, right?
A while later, Albert is freaking happy because he’s been wanting more kids for a while and FINALLY, Freida’s pregnant again. Yay. Freida on the other hand is freaking out a little because she’s done the math. October 1932, she has a kid. Wow, it does not look like a German.
Very angry Albert.
Betrayed Albert.
Furious, yelling a lot, Albert.
Albert is like, it’s over b****, we’re done. And Freida’s like, pls have mercy since we loved each other so much before this!!! (or I guess she thinks so) Albert is like…. Fine. At this point, German-Asian relations were growing tense, because the SA kept beating up foreign students. He uses this as his cover and arranges to have Fumiaki utterly smashed (don’t worry, he lives, little idiot), as a warning to never come around again. Albert pulls some strings as an SA member and makes sure Freida and Lovis are protected for the time being, but also arranges for Lovis to go live with Albert’s sister, who’s really close with his wife and willing to take care of a kid Albert does not want in his house. Albert at least supports estranged child monetarily. What a nice, horrible man. There is no more connection though between Anatol and his half-brother and he’s so busy being a military star, that he doesn’t really notice, because he was never around is family anyways! Fumiaki goes back to Japan and is never heard from again because he decides the west isn’t as great as he thought it was. Lovis ends up getting protection in 1936 when Japan is declared an ally and the “Honorary Aryan” thing is put into place.
Anywho, Aunt Eisenstadt eventually spills the beans to confused, sheltered, farm kid Lovis after the war (and the fortunate death of Albert) that, yes, you’re adopted, but like, you’re closer in relation than you think, want to know where your mom lives?
Germany’s a mess, Lovis doesn’t have any family, he decides he’s going to track down any familial relationships he can. Manages to find Anatol and after some convincing, proves they’re related. Anatol’s like, oh yeah, I remember that blerb in my childhood where I had a baby brother for like…. less than a year..? Cool. Let me teach you how to roll, kiddo. *finger guns*

They end up in Stuttgart in 1952 during their wanderings and I’m not sure hooooow exactly they meet up with Lenni, JA, and Christian, but SOMEHOW they do.

Woot woot.

Poor Lovis. He’s more German than some of my Germans. He really wants to learn more about the cultural aspects of his other half, but really doesn’t even know where to start. Right now, he’s really just trying to figure out how to function in big city settings.

 Antol and Lovis - :iconhugaduck:

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