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Ab. Jerome Beckings by HugaDuck Ab. Jerome Beckings by HugaDuck
I gave up on Inktober on the 20th drawing..... but I still want to finish this someday with all my priests/brothers/nuns ect.
These are the last ones I got done way back in October before I gave up XD

Abbot Jerome Beckings OSB

*Caption this: "How in the Name of the Ever Living Trinity did you think that this was a good idea??"*
Ab. Jerome was not prepared to become Abbot when the previous died suddenly and unexpectedly. But for some reason, unbeknownst to him, the position came to him.
Half the time, he feels he has nooooooo idea what he's doing, and the other half of the time, he feels so frustrated, he wants to bash his head against the wall. The community is up against a lot of problems, both financially and just trying to stay together and remain in the larger community. Despite the fact that he often feels like he's doing everything wrong, he holds the unwavering support and respect of all the others in the Abbey, and honestly.... he's been doing a lot better at keeping things afloat then he thinks he is.

Ab. Jerome is a firecracker waiting to explode but as the years go on from the time he joins the Abbey to now, he's become a lot better at controlling his anger and emotions. He's now a generally stoic person on the outside, with a voice that really commands attention so that he never actually has to.

I'm not giving away a whole lot of details on the actual story line, but he ends up faced with making a lot of decisions that paint him as an antagonist because they're not the most desirable, but his judgements are generally sound and he only ever does what is for the best of the community and all those involved in the story.

Jerome - :iconhugaduck:
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December 1, 2016
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