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A Pile of Sketches by HugaDuck A Pile of Sketches by HugaDuck
Went home this weekend and scanned in 22 pictures. XDDD Sorry for the art bomb, but eeeyy, no scanner in my dorm and the scanner in the library is horrible!!

#1 -- Solomon "Salli" Tuchman, Tobias' older, less insane brother. Did that design a long time back. I was having a lot of trouble with how he should look. Wanted something similar to Tobias, but everything I drew looked TOO much like Tobias. Settled on this.
Salli is a TD character, but only shows up in PI, as he's the one who hides Tobias before their family is taken from the ghettos. Salli is the only survivor of the Tuchman family. Rebekka hunts him down after the war and he comes back to Akterdau and stays with her, Lennard, and Niklas for a while before resolving to leave Germany, as he no longer sees it as his home. He and Rebekka end up in the USA and Mordechai makes contact with Rebekke around 1961, linking them into the PI story line.

#2 -- I redesigned Zebediah's hair a long time back, so I finally sat down and worked with Mordechai to make some changes to fit my style more. Got what I liked and sketched out a full body design. Recently been drawing him in a pullover more than a vest though.

#3 -- Chalmar expends a lot of energy eradicating snails from his garden. Mordechai, being one of the little guys though, does his best to save them from being crushed.

#4 -- Talked about journalism in my government class and the trend of moving away from local news to pure national news. That day, journalists just got a good bashing about in all ways and directions. My journalist was feeling a little hurt... >.>

#5 -- Niklas.... as a hedgehog.... it's a super long story. But essentially, :iconcurlyhaireddork: pointed out that Niklas is the very essence of a hedgehog in his post-war personality. Some sort of Beauty and the Best-Studio Ghibli thing came into being.... and I drew hedgehogs for like three days.

#6 -- French class. Had to draw monsters based off some description vocab we'd learned that the professor was listing off. Reading French is one thing.. hearing it is another.. but I kept up okay for sucking at French!! <:'D My painter, Niklas, is not so impressed.

#7 -- Had to finally sit down and design Deacon Athel and Fr. David, as I'm drawing crap tons of religiously professed kids for Inktober. Athel is my new favorite red-head

More nonsense to come.

art/characters (-Vee) -- :iconpicklejelloz:
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October 16, 2016
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