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A Much Delayed Little Thingy by HugaDuck A Much Delayed Little Thingy by HugaDuck
I am the master of titles; bow before me,

IIIII HAVE BEEN WANTING to do a few little sketches for :iconchrissyissypoo19: for sometime now and being fully engaged in gift arting these past couple of weeks, it was an opportune moment to remind myself of this. She had done some ADORABLE sketches of Fr. McCarthy for me a while back, and she is an incredibly talented artist and writer! If you haven't seen anything by her before, I'd urge you to go check out her gallery!

So here I did my favorite character of hers, Amachai, and two others, Fr. Elijah and Benjamin from her stories The Unknown Martyr and Elijah, the Healer.

SO UM, I suppose I ought to explain the Poland thing. >.>
I've got an interesting friend. I've drawn her and mentioned her before. She doesn't know what she wants to do with life yet, so she decided, for now, world domination is the most logical route. Springtime for Hitler is a commonly sung song in the senior hallways.
Sitting in German, not learning anything because Frau is going way to damn fast.. and she looks over at the map on the wall, laughs and for no present reason, states that, "Poland doesn't exist!"
These are the people I surround myself with.
WE NOW HAVE A THEORY... or a favorite among several... that Poland is in fact a political conspiracy that only exists so that when a Fascist country feels the need to exert their dominance, they can take it over. Poland is in fact secretly part of Germany.

...... There's a girl at our school who takes everything we say seriously and she was appalled at this, and I think, despite our best efforts to prove her otherwise, she still thinks we're neo-nazis.... I don't blame her after some of my friends interesting, ((satirical)) speeches... >.>

THE POINT HERE BEING, I can't really look through Chrissy's gallery, who is currently working on an amazing looking story based on aspects of the country in question, without laughing to myself and whispering to myself under my breath, "Poland is a myth..."

So, do go and check out Chrissy's art; read some of her stories! She's got quite a bit of talent!

Amachai, Fr. Elijah, Benjamin - :iconchrissyissypoo19:
Florian - :iconpicklejelloz:

And in case anyone was confused, NO, I don't ACTUALLY think Poland is a myth. |:I
Chrissyissypoo19 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Professional General Artist
Lol XDD Poland is the mythical Unicorn of Europe! :iconlaughsplz: 

But seriously tho, love this bunchies, bro! GOD I LOVE YOUR CHIBI STYLE!!!! :iconcannotevenplz: 

You made them all so adorable, thank you so much for this lovely gift! :icontouchedplz: And you even promoted my gallery :iconcryforeverplz: You're such a sweetheart!!! :iconbrohugplz: 
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Aawu, no problem!

I really admire your work and talent with lines and expressions. And when I find an artist I admire... I tend to toss their dA page at everyone at any given chance. >.>
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