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A Lot of Sketches by HugaDuck A Lot of Sketches by HugaDuck
-just realized one of these sketches was in a previous sketch dump... I need to work on organizing my sketches... -

I need to start numbering my sketch dumps..
More sketches from Lennard's spin off plotline. ahsoka626 and I started calling it "Mistakes Have Been Made." It fits all of the characters pretty well.

Explanations for anyone interested:

#1. - Merle and Gerhard. I KNOW I've mentioned them before, but Gerhard is a coworker of Lennard, JA, and Christian in reconstruction. He was a medic in the war and ended up in a Soviet work camp. Got lucky enough to get released but his wife, Merle, had already accepted that he was dead. (It had been years since she'd heard from him.) When he got back, he wasn't a lot like he used to be, all kindsa messed up, but she drove through it to learn to continue loving him. Patched up their relationship and their inseparable now. Gerhard isn't super important in the broad scheme of things, but Merle is good friends with JA and plays piano for the band until they get Lennard's sister, Fransizka, to do it.
They're cute.

#2. - Sketch from a short story idea that I never wrote out, but is canon to the story line... Vitus' last ditch effort to use brute force to get JA back. Doens't work, but sure knocks JA out for a while.
(okay, there's more to that story than that, but I'm not typing it all out rn)

#3. - Sketch done while fleshing out JA's war time contribution. He worked in civilian radio communications, but ended up being pulled more into the war in the final year. All ended for him when he and his team were trapped in a building where they'd been sending out information from. A few of their guys got killed in an American ambush. JA and the two other survivors were forced to bury their comrades and the few Americans who'd gone down and then were put through a mock execution. Needless to say, JA passed out, but they lived. Clearly. He's still here.

#4. - I mentioned on a sketch dump a while ago that I drag Vitus down with AIDs. At this point in history, no one knows what the hell that is, and it's not super widespread, so Vitus just mysteriously gets sick and doesn't get any better ever. JA finds out he's going downhill and since no one else will, takes it upon himself to help Vitus out, which usually just ends in mockery and biting comments tossed around, but JA's too damn good for HIS own good and wouldn't feel right to just leave Vitus to suffer, even if he hates him.

#5. - I cannot wait for the rise of the electric guitar. Though I changed JA's hairstyle for '52 and on, so this is way off. Along with the sketches to the right. His hair would not look like that anymore.

#6. - I was originally going to try and work out their different body types and.... yeah I was tired.

#7. - JA is salicylate sensitive, which means he basically can't have anything ever, but kids gotta eat! Most spices and aspirin have a good chance of killing him in high amounts and a lot of other things just make him feel not great. Doesn't stop him from drinking coffee.... with nutmeg in it... He's going to kill himself, but I think that's his angle..
In my defense, I had no idea how extensive a salicylate sensitivity was until I gave it to him and then did research. I did not INTEND to make JA's life 80x worse.

#8. - ahsoka626 and I were joking about if these kids had their own anime. The glasses kid is Rosalind's brother, Dedrich, and the brunette with the sparkle eyes is her kiddo, Brigitte.

#9. - Sketches from a short story that involves Vitus chasing JA down to pass on some information. JA is salty. Vitus is an ass. The usual.

#10. - JA is absolutely terrified of needles. Call it childhood trauma... Drew that when one of my professors KEPT TALKING ABOUT NEEDLES because he has crap tons of tattoos and had just gone to get a shot. I was so uncomfortable, I HATE needles...

#11. - Doodles while working with the whole situation on how JA ended up in his mess with Vitus in the first place. Essentially JA = homeless kiddo. Vitus = super nice dude, totally not a horrible person. ???

#12. - Exchange between Vitus and JA well after JA ditches wherein killer dog bites the hell out of Vitus' leg. <3

#13. - ahsoka626 developed a modern AU with our kiddos, so I jumped on that wagon and had hella fun for a bit. Best development of it is that JA is a depressed counselor who "self-medicates" with Rammstein music.

#14. - Aftermath of a recent RP between ahsoka626 and I with Brigitte and JA. They got together to show off cooking skills, but because JA CAN'T FREAKING EAT ANYTHING, there was an incident with paprika and he got really super sick and no one had any fun. Well, they had some fun. And he made her melt with a compliment on her hair. And she melted him. And he broke a little bit because he doesn't think this relationship can possibly go anywhere BUT HE SHALL SEE.

Woop woop, props to you if you read all or any of that~

(most) characters - :iconhugaduck:
Rosalind, Dedrich, Brigitte - :iconahsoka626:
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Nevareck Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Good doggy. You take care of JA. *pats puppo on head*
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, he do.
He dooooooooo.
Grimmijaggers Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018  Student General Artist
I love these sketches, they're so good!
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Danke! There are several in here I'm still pretty proud of. ^u^
WarmishWinter Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yee i bet that dog bite fuggin hurt vitus ya creep
I feel the need to tell you that these are good draws and that all your draws are good But I'll admit I'm biased towards JA cause he a smol & stuff
HugaDuck Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
boyoboy it did hurt the creep, little bugger's a Dobi-shepherd, he's got a bite even as a pupper.

Thaaaannnkkk yoooouuu.
I understand. I, as his artist, am biased as well. I don't hate my sketches as much when there are JAs in them.
WarmishWinter Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dsfsdfd nicenicegoodgood
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