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A Bunch of Mathis by HugaDuck A Bunch of Mathis by HugaDuck
Whoops, said I would post what I'd drawn of this dude, and then went back to school and buried myself in books because term papers oh goodness.

Oh well, since I'm just now revisiting half of the sketches I have of him thus far, I colored a few while getting a feel for the pen tool on this new program I downloaded, Krita. Is pretty dang smooth though there are a few things about it that annoy me, y'all should check it out! -->

Okay, so Mathis Ichenhäuser! (pronounced Mah-tees Eeken-hoi-ser).
He was born March 13, 1921 and is 31 in 1952 when he joins Lenni’s band as their drummer.
Mathis is from Ludwigsburg, Germany, which is the nearest large city north of Stuttgart, (so in the south, I have too many damn southerners and only one Prussian...). Both of his parents were Jewish, but his father was a convert to Catholicism and his mother went along with the whole deal in an attempt to bypass the rising persecution by being baptized. (Ludwigsburg has a not fun history concerning Jewish relations).  His family was lower middle class, his father being a civil engineer and his mother a school teacher. Mathis himself was never good at much school wise, but he grew up engulfed in poetry, literature, art, and music. He grew into being a pretty talented painter, if you like whimsical, simplistic, and cheery stuff. When he was young, his mother had him learning violin, which he was decent at, but he preferred to play drums for a makeshift swing band some other teens on his street had put together. Neither of his parents approved of the swing music but oh well…. He enjoyed it. >.>
As the Nazis rose to power in the 30s and Jews in Germany began being stripped of rights, his father was fired and not allowed to work any longer, and his mother had to find work at a lower paying all-Jewish school…. On November 9th-10th, 1938 the Nazis staged a violent pogrom against the Jews that would later be known as Kristallnacht, or The Night of Broken Glass. The synagogue in Ludwigsburg was burned to the ground, shops and homes attacked, and his father received an injury to the head that left him bed ridden. A year later in 1939, all the Jews in Ludwigsburg, (which included half-bloods and converts, children of, or grandchildren of converts) were moved to the ghetto in Killesburg, located on the old fair grounds in Stuttgart, the local police-run camps, or Dachau. Mathis and his family were originally moved to Killesburg. There, Mathis’ father died of Typhus. Living in the harsh conditions toughened Mathis up quite a bit, who was a pretty sensitive teen. This was also when and where he ended up convincing someone to help him pierce his ears (to look like Shakespeare’s portrait), which did not go over well with mom.
In early 1941, Mathis several times escaped Killesburg to attempt to steal food and on his fourth excursion, was caught. A combination of his longish hair, earrings, bad attitude, refusal to speak, and theft got him branded with the cover-all accusation of being "asocial" and an irritated officer who was miffed that he'd gotten by him so many times made sure he got on the next train to Dachau with a group of political prisoners. That saved his life though, as in December, the Killesburg ghetto was liquidated and Mathis’ mother was sent to Auschwitz where she was killed. Given Dachau's status as a concentration camp, not a death camp, Mathis just had to survive to the end of the war.

In Dachau, Mathis had his earrings ripped out of his ears by a guard, creating splits in his ears (he’s re-pierced his ears since then) hung on and survived pretty well during his years in Dachau by being smart about his friends, (he gets taken in by a Jehovah Witness inmate named Malachi who I'll post sketches of later) and it was noted that even in periods where sickness peaked, he was not affected, (though he was starting to wither away from lack of food). In December of 1943, he was moved to one of the experimentation barracks and became a test subject for immunizations. He still to this day has no idea what he was being tested on, but he was under experimentation through md-1944 and into 1945. He had a few close calls with his life, but managed to pull through until the experimentation stopped and the barrack was cleared. This turned out in his favor as well though, somehow, as he never was sent east to the death camps with other Jewish inmates... Mathis is a passive expert at bullet-dodging... :I He managed to hang on until the camp was liberated by Americans on April 29, 1945, after an inmate escaped on the 26th, found the Americans, and begged them to take the camp. (True story).

Mathis was able to recover enough, though he has several scars on his body, is rather weak, and looks quite a bit older than he is. After finding out about his family, he returned to Stuttgart where he lived quietly since, getting by on selling art pieces, playing drums where he can (on whatever set that they can let him borrow), and working cleaning windows of the city. He started keeping pet rats for company, (doesn’t really have any friends, he looks scary), and the one he has currently, he’s had for a year. He calls her Ananas (pineapple) because he’s sooooo creative.

Mathis has a perpetual shake, a remnant of the experiments, suffers from minor anxiety attacks at night, is sensitive to bright light, and sometimes just completely spaces out. Mathis will not go near a hospital and is extremely skeptical about medicines and needles. To stop the shaking and the anxiety at night, or when it’s significantly bad, he smokes cannabis in small amounts which significantly calms him down and decreases the intensity of his shaking. However, he’s not addicted/dependent on it at this point, and uses it in a very controlled manner. JA really hammers on him a lot though to try something else that doesn't involve smoking a plant that jacks up his head if he uses too much. JA's not sure about this whole gig here... But Mathis is even less sure about hospitals and doctors.....
(he needs to find a better way to deal with his issues dangit)

Mathis altogether is pretty chill. He’s a nice, sensitive guy who does a lot of quiet observing. He gets along pretty well with JA because of this, but really, he loves all the band members because they took him in and don’t give him weird looks. Also Christian is weirder than him, so he appreciates that. He has a major sweet-tooth and gets a little too excited when JA makes desserts. He claims Catholicism as his religion from the influence of his father, but really doesn't know a lot about the religion itself, and given the split teachings from his father and mother, sometimes doesn't know aspects of Judaism from Catholicism... He's really just confused on a lot of things though. He doesn’t talk much about Dachau unless asked, but he’ll tell you whatever you want to hear, as long as he thinks you can handle it.

He dresses rather creatively, flipping his collars up, wearing colorful scarves, and his eccentric tailcoat. He has an adorkable, nervous grin that accentuates every single wrinkle on his face and shows his crooked teeth, which he's a little self-conscious about.

The drummer was originally going to be a real @$$ named Heiko with his looks based off of this tough rugby player I once saw at a game on campus, but a combination of remodeling his looks off of the nicest, most genuine celebrity I've ever seen, Mackenzie Crook, and drawing him almost entirely to AJR's album "The Click," turned him into a much, much, much sweeter human being. Which is fine. I have a lot of rough, pessimistic, sarcastic, etc characters, so I am more than willing to add to my list of "genuinely sweet dudes" which so far really just consists of Zebediah, Philippe, and JA, I think......…

Mathis, Ananas, Christian, JA, Franziska - :iconhugaduck:

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i like this man and his mouse
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