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We stand and watch as the western hemisphere comes into view. Half the world is in motion--moving, bustling and out of breath, while the other half resting in its tranquil slumber. We suppose 384,400 kilometers don’t make much of a difference compared to some thousand light years between our home planet and some faraway galaxies, but they do; we see an overview of planet Earth, blue and white like a pretty snow globe, with the colors of the winds and oceans coalescing into a wintery texture.
We’re bare amongst the universe; we’re special. Home, is where the sun sets every afternoon and a tender flame ignites with hope each stargazing evening to come, when mother would point her nimble finger at the night sky and beam, at us, joyfully.  At home, we make constellations out of papers and our imagination. At home, stars are shaped like pinwheels and are nothing more than pinwheels. But at home we don’t know how vast everything else is. Out in the void where day
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found you, lost you | yachi hitoka
[listen to this: ]
soulmate au in which you can meet your soulmates in your dreams.

“Who are you?”
Light footsteps. All you are aware of is light footsteps and silent ripples, as the small figure from far in the shadows sways slightly to the question you voiced. There’s a girl at the far end of this… dimension? This dimension you’re in. It’s all just darkness and water and little, little dim light. You squint your eyes as your feet take you across a vast expanse of water and hollowness, tiny waves rippling to each small step you take. You really don’t mean to be hurry, but you’re surprised to find your thirteen-year-old self cutting the breadth no matter how wide.
She’s right there. Her tiny face and tiny feet, tiny hands, they’re just like yours. Her bright eyes are brown and round, and her blonde hair is so short, it only reaches her neck. Mom says girls should let their hai
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the sun isn't as bright | hinata shouyou
[listen to as part of it inspired this]
It is but an ordinary Sunday and more importantly a mellow afternoon. The park grass is green with blotchy patches of beige and the sky is this uncanny hue of neon yellow blending into a much softer shade of blue--the last rays of daylight against the stark pale background. Hinata doesn’t know what it sets the mood for nor does he care, because truthfully he hasn’t expected anything amiss to take over his very, very rare, once-in-a-blue-moon peaceful afternoon.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you supposed to be at practice when it starts at 19:00?” you takes a glance at your wristwatch, a slight frown etched to your features, “It’s 18:45.”
“Nah, coach canceled it, though I was stumped that he did. But I was still way better than some people; that dumbass Kageyama was damn near enraged. It’s not like we still have that l
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the legate (haikyuu legend au) by huevette the legate (haikyuu legend au) :iconhuevette:huevette 3 0 the auxilia (haikyuu legend au) by huevette the auxilia (haikyuu legend au) :iconhuevette:huevette 3 0 haikyuu but its a legend au by huevette haikyuu but its a legend au :iconhuevette:huevette 4 3
stop, for a moment | akaashi keiji
He’s at it again.
She watches with equal parts amused and apprehended as the young man in front of her bites on one end of his mechanical pencil, his eyes a deep gunmetal green, rich in quantum and lost in thoughts--a satellite that has already strayed too far from Earth’s orbit for a single newton of force to have any effect on it.
She furrows her eyebrows and lets a small half-smile grace her lips.
“Keiji, stop.”
“You’re doing it,” she points out the constant biting, the blank stare he’s always having on whenever he decides to gaze off into the distance and, just like that, lose himself in his mind. Overthink stuff. Complicate matters. Not necessarily drowning out every other sounds of the bustling life around him but vainly trying to get a hold of himself and just stop because he’s painfully aware of loud his thoughts are. The harder he tries, the worse it becomes.
Her presence eases him off a little, t
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piano four hands | akaashi keiji
He silently lifted the piano case. The pearl white and jet black colors of key notes stood out in stark contrast to one another, and he couldn’t help but admire the morning light that was casting a soft halo-like glow on the thin layer of dust that made the particles shine like crystals.
He sat down in silence. There he commenced the theme of the concerto, cold fingertips merely brushing past keys of basswood encased in elegant ivory with just the right amount of pressure, replaying yesterday’s dainty, genteel rhyme in an even more composed tone.
From the soft dips and dances of his adept fingers, Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto no. 1 in B-flat minor, Op. 23 pierced through the emptiness of the lonesome hallway in the form of consecutive resounding chimes, ringing as though shattering panes of stained glass, dissipating lined beams of wrought iron, and shaking the drowsiness off his immaculate morning.
A prideful click of heels like that of a princess bride amblin
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seijou's ace in hoodie by huevette seijou's ace in hoodie :iconhuevette:huevette 6 3 greenery by huevette greenery :iconhuevette:huevette 3 5
voicemail | kuroo tetsurou
“Number +81-#-#-# created Monday 12-09-2010, registered name Kuroo Tetsurou, is currently busy. If you wish to leave a message via voicemail, dial #1. For textmail, dial #2. For other options, dial #3.”
Yesterday 18:50
“Hey Kuroo-san, it’s Lev! I’m here at school already! Well, Yaku-san and Kenma-san are also here, but I was the first!
We’re finishing the rest of the preparations. Oh, oh, soda’s arrived! And so has Fukurodani! Catch you later, captain!”
Yesterday 18:52
“Hello Kuroo-san, this is Akaashi from Fukurodani. I’m calling to confirm the time, is it half past seven in the p.m. that the party officially starts?
Bokuto-san wants to crash the party earlier, and our team does not object, but I hope it’s not rude?
Well, we’re here anyway.”
Yesterday 19:15
“Damn it, Kuroo you *beep*! You told me you were sure to be here at the party to help out with organizing! By th
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heres a ken by huevette heres a ken :iconhuevette:huevette 3 0 tooru 285 by huevette tooru 285 :iconhuevette:huevette 2 5 tsukki redraw by huevette tsukki redraw :iconhuevette:huevette 3 0
komorebi | oikawa tooru
komorebi(n): sunlight filtering through trees
The little seven-year-old boy smashed his tiny hand on the red button repeatedly and irritably. The doll on the other side of the glass did little to entertain him; it just kept popping up and down, and swaying from side to side. The music blaring from the mini speaker on the doll’s tummy wasn’t helping either; the Doraemon theme song was already lame on its own.*
Sighing, the boy let his hands fall to his sides in utter dejection and turned away from the machine. He was ready to let his 5 yen coin go in peace.
The brown-haired boy had grown a tidbit too old for the indoor arcade of the local mall and their silly games. They fascinated him at first, but it was years ago. No, if there was anything he specifically liked other than volleyball and aliens at the moment, it had to be the menagerie. Don’t all kids love the zoos and animals?
“Mom, mom! Can we go to the menagerie today? I don
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here's to another year by huevette here's to another year :iconhuevette:huevette 3 0


Chrysalis by maryon0212 Chrysalis :iconmaryon0212:maryon0212 18 3 Sally Face by mcfrejse Sally Face :iconmcfrejse:mcfrejse 10 0 Sally Face fanart by Maxwell707 Sally Face fanart :iconmaxwell707:Maxwell707 73 3 sally face by chokk-yy sally face :iconchokk-yy:chokk-yy 89 2 Sally Face by RyuichirouAoino Sally Face :iconryuichirouaoino:RyuichirouAoino 188 9 Sally Face ~ by Meowsdin Sally Face ~ :iconmeowsdin:Meowsdin 387 22
Don't Cry Over Burnt Eggs [Akaashi Keiji]
“Seriously, [Name]?” Akaashi Keiji stared down at his girlfriend, hands firmly pressed on his hips. “Seriously?
“Wha-what?” she looked at him like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a passing truck.
“I spent all afternoon cleaning the freaking kitchen only for you to make this mess again!” he huffed annoyed.
“I didn’t make a mess!” she answered defensively. “I just made omelets for you!”
This is what you call an omelet?! This is the remains of an immolated mass of unfertilized chicken offspring!”
“Which basically equals to an omelet…” she pouted.
“It would if you hadn’t burnt the crap out of them. Along with half the kitchen!
Akaashi walked purposefully towards the kitchen counter, expressionless slate-gray eyes fixed on the mix of egg shells, spilt milk and mishmash of unrecognisable burnt stuff.
“Don’t ever t
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For Duty and Honour [Iwaizumi Hajime]
Steps echo thundering as the army marches in perfect synchronisation into the city. The women stand upright on each side of the road for the hoplites to pass. Crimson cloaks waving in tatters after them, the men tread forward, heads held high, for they have returned victorious. No matter the loss; no matter the burdened by their heavy load, battered shields that they carry, they have made Sparta proud.
The white hiton whips around her legs as she takes a step forward. The light breeze that flows around her carries along the tangy smell of old blood mixed with sweat. Her eyelids flutter closed and she allows herself to seek comfort in the scent as it caresses her with the ordinariness of the years spent in combat; in the knowledge that her proud city remains invincible.
All through the courage and the valiant sacrifice of the Spartan men.
She walks along the procession, each stride bringing her closer to the front. The familiar shape of the large shield comes into her line
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 54 18
I Crossed the Ocean for You [Bokuto Koutarou]
Bokuto followed a secret ritual every time he went to [Name]’s house; he’d sneak to her corkboard and scrutinise everything that was pinned on it in hope that he’d figure out every little secret of hers. Up to that point, his method had delivered excellent results: he now knew how much was her average electricity bill; that she had an appointment with her gynecologist next Thursday; and -behold!- she loved milk so much, she bought a bottle every other day at least (judging from the constant reminder “Buy milk” that had been haunting her corkboard since like forever).
Once again, he was in her flat; once again, she had excused herself to go to the bathroom. He had finally –at long last- been given the opportunity to take a careful look at the corkboard. He approached soundless the wall and brought his face mere inches away from the contents of the board. Taking his sweet time to observe each and every item, he moved from the newest water bill <i>
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Ice fishing [60/365] by RamblingRhubarb Ice fishing [60/365] :iconramblingrhubarb:RamblingRhubarb 117 7
opia. | oikawa tooru x reader
♥ gender neutral! reader
♥ written for ReikoIrie's contest (i've seen so many good entries and my senpai's works and i'm sure i can't top that or win, but i'm glad i could still participate!), this is angst with some fluff (??? not sure if it counts) at the end.
♥ inspired by ‘i’m a librarian and i see you have a bunch of books about depression and suicide in your hand, hey buddy, want to talk to someone? i’m here if you need me’ AU -- from a-u-prompts @ tumblr
♥ please please tell me if i interpreted anything wrongly. i do not consider myself depressed nor have i ever been clinically screened and i do not want to play it off as something light as it is severe. if you are suffering from depression or anything associated with it, please do consider talking to a trusted person or a therapist / counsellor. don't do anything reckless <3
:iconinfinite-whispers:infinite-whispers 41 8
shot down from grace. | akaashi keiji x reader
★ gender neutral! reader
★ this is an entry into @.starrymayflower's au reader insert contest!
★ this is a blood, sweat and tears / bibilical au because guess who got themselves deeper into bts hell
★ inspirations include: BTS, ARMY theories, Demian, The Fall of The Rebel Angels, Pieta & The Book of Enoch
★ ambiguous ending. you decide the outcome.
★ triggers and warnings: are there any??
“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

The biting frigidity crept up your spine slowly as if languidly flourishing grappling branches of ice throughout your body, though you knew that not even the miniscule specks of dust sweeping past paid heed to the mundane virtue of patience, that not a being that resided here cherished the essence of sentimentality but rather found the very aspect of time to
:iconinfinite-whispers:infinite-whispers 21 11
Oh how lovely Akaashi Keiji X F!Reader
    The air was clear and crisp. Pulling your brown trench coat closer to your body you stepped inside the small building that was buzzing with music. The smell of expensive champagne and wine filled your nose. 
    People passed by with a their noses in the air and their posture straight as a board. They all walked as if in sync. Everystep they took it was with grace and beauty. That’s how everyone was here.
    Your high heels clicked against the hard ground. Your black scarf wrapped around your neck kept you warm but it didn’t exactly help your lower half. You peered at the people around you. 
    What a party it was. Glamorous people stood on every inch of this place. Why did you come here in the first place? That was a good question. 
    Your eyes then fell upon a black haired man. He was in small group of what seemed to be his lads. They were all gorgeously dresses and had all kinds of women around then
:iconparaousia:paraousia 4 0
we're gonna be alright
// iwaizumi hajime x reader x oikawa tooru //
The silence was devastating; the gym around was a lit with thunderous cheers of ecstasy for Karasuno and yet, nothing made it past their ears. Oikawa stood at the net, eyes glazed over with a look as he stared down the one he thought, hoped, would never surpass him, Kageyama Tobio. 
He was the last to leave the court, standing alongside his teammates as they thanked their opponents for the match once more. Iwaizumi watched his friends leave the court and pack away their things, desperate to keep the sniffles to themselves even though the tears that fell were much harder to mask. 
Your steps were silent, calculated but timid as you approached the captains. In all of your years knowing the pair, not once had you seen them take a loss this hard; Iwaizumi desperately kept the tears at bay, a stony look on his face as he too gazed at his grief-stricken best friend. The determined glint that had been there at the start was gone leaving
:iconmagicsnaps:MagicSnaps 54 1
so foolish
// bokuto koutarou x reader //
There was a crazed but elated twinkle in Bokuto's eyes as he jumped around on the court. Street volleyball with his friends was just what the doctor ordered after the extremely stressful week of midterms. 
The set had just ended with Akaashi, Iwaizumi, and Sawamura taking it at the last second. Man, who knew splitting up with his trusty setter and best friend would be so detrimental to his skills. Okay, maybe he was being over dramatic but Akaashi was his rock, the foundation to every game they'd ever won! 
Speaking of rocks, Bokuto's phone went off, the signature Hoot hoot! alerting him of a new message. Eyes now peeked with curiosity, he ran over to the bench and dug around his seemingly endless bag before finally reaching. A similar twinkle once again appeared in his eyes as (Y/N)'s name flashed on the screen.
From: (Y/N) (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡
Impossible Year - Panic! At The Disco
:iconmagicsnaps:MagicSnaps 69 4
just tell me
// coffee shop au!akaashi keiji x reader //
Akaashi sighed as he adjusted the stupid green cap atop his bedhead, desperately in need of his own cup of coffee. Unfortunately, the morning shift had just started and with it came the rush, coffee-blocking him from the desperately needed caffeine. 
Taking another glance at Bokuto and the current customer, he prepped the cup and wrote the customer's name down. Bokuto was always the forgetful one and while Akaashi was certain with that school-boy charm of his, he could easily get another job but they needed the money if they wanted to continue living off campus. 
One by one they all eventually got their drinks, some with more complaints than others and when Akaashi was certain he was finally going to get the much deserved cup of joe, another one waltzed right in looking just as dead. Their hair was the only thing about them that screamed 'Look! I actually made it out of bed!' because the baggy tee and hastily thrown on sweatpants wa
:iconmagicsnaps:MagicSnaps 162 10


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