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found you, lost you | yachi hitoka
[listen to this: ]
soulmate au in which you can meet your soulmates in your dreams.

“Who are you?”
Light footsteps. All you are aware of is light footsteps and silent ripples, as the small figure from far in the shadows sways slightly to the question you voiced. There’s a girl at the far end of this… dimension? This dimension you’re in. It’s all just darkness and water and little, little dim light. You squint your eyes as your feet take you across a vast expanse of water and hollowness, tiny waves rippling to each small step you take. You really don’t mean to be hurry, but you’re surprised to find your thirteen-year-old self cutting the breadth no matter how wide.
She’s right there. Her tiny face and tiny feet, tiny hands, they’re just like yours. Her bright eyes are brown and round, and her blonde hair is so short, it only reaches her neck. Mom says girls should let their hai
:iconhuevette:huevette 6 3
the sun isn't as bright | hinata shouyou
[listen to as part of it inspired this]
It is but an ordinary Sunday and more importantly a mellow afternoon. The park grass is green with blotchy patches of beige and the sky is this uncanny hue of neon yellow blending into a much softer shade of blue--the last rays of daylight against the stark pale background. Hinata doesn’t know what it sets the mood for nor does he care, because truthfully he hasn’t expected anything amiss to take over his very, very rare, once-in-a-blue-moon peaceful afternoon.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you supposed to be at practice when it starts at 19:00?” you takes a glance at your wristwatch, a slight frown etched to your features, “It’s 18:45.”
“Nah, coach canceled it, though I was stumped that he did. But I was still way better than some people; that dumbass Kageyama was damn near enraged. It’s not like we still have that l
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the legate (haikyuu legend au) by huevette the legate (haikyuu legend au) :iconhuevette:huevette 3 0 the auxilia (haikyuu legend au) by huevette the auxilia (haikyuu legend au) :iconhuevette:huevette 3 0 haikyuu but its a legend au by huevette haikyuu but its a legend au :iconhuevette:huevette 4 3
stop, for a moment | akaashi keiji
He’s at it again.
She watches with equal parts amused and apprehended as the young man in front of her bites on one end of his mechanical pencil, his eyes a deep gunmetal green, rich in quantum and lost in thoughts--a satellite that has already strayed too far from Earth’s orbit for a single newton of force to have any effect on it.
She furrows her eyebrows and lets a small half-smile grace her lips.
“Keiji, stop.”
“You’re doing it,” she points out the constant biting, the blank stare he’s always having on whenever he decides to gaze off into the distance and, just like that, lose himself in his mind. Overthink stuff. Complicate matters. Not necessarily drowning out every other sounds of the bustling life around him but vainly trying to get a hold of himself and just stop because he’s painfully aware of loud his thoughts are. The harder he tries, the worse it becomes.
Her presence eases him off a little, t
:iconhuevette:huevette 14 2
piano four hands | akaashi keiji
He silently lifted the piano case. The pearl white and jet black colors of key notes stood out in stark contrast to one another, and he couldn’t help but admire the morning light that was casting a soft halo-like glow on the thin layer of dust that made the particles shine like crystals.
He sat down in silence. There he commenced the theme of the concerto, cold fingertips merely brushing past keys of basswood encased in elegant ivory with just the right amount of pressure, replaying yesterday’s dainty, genteel rhyme in an even more composed tone.
From the soft dips and dances of his adept fingers, Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto no. 1 in B-flat minor, Op. 23 pierced through the emptiness of the lonesome hallway in the form of consecutive resounding chimes, ringing as though shattering panes of stained glass, dissipating lined beams of wrought iron, and shaking the drowsiness off his immaculate morning.
A prideful click of heels like that of a princess bride amblin
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seijou's ace in hoodie by huevette seijou's ace in hoodie :iconhuevette:huevette 6 3 greenery by huevette greenery :iconhuevette:huevette 3 5
voicemail | kuroo tetsurou
“Number +81-#-#-# created Monday 12-09-2010, registered name Kuroo Tetsurou, is currently busy. If you wish to leave a message via voicemail, dial #1. For textmail, dial #2. For other options, dial #3.”
Yesterday 18:50
“Hey Kuroo-san, it’s Lev! I’m here at school already! Well, Yaku-san and Kenma-san are also here, but I was the first!
We’re finishing the rest of the preparations. Oh, oh, soda’s arrived! And so has Fukurodani! Catch you later, captain!”
Yesterday 18:52
“Hello Kuroo-san, this is Akaashi from Fukurodani. I’m calling to confirm the time, is it half past seven in the p.m. that the party officially starts?
Bokuto-san wants to crash the party earlier, and our team does not object, but I hope it’s not rude?
Well, we’re here anyway.”
Yesterday 19:15
“Damn it, Kuroo you *beep*! You told me you were sure to be here at the party to help out with organizing! By th
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heres a ken by huevette heres a ken :iconhuevette:huevette 3 0 tooru 285 by huevette tooru 285 :iconhuevette:huevette 2 5 tsukki redraw by huevette tsukki redraw :iconhuevette:huevette 3 0
komorebi | oikawa tooru
komorebi(n): sunlight filtering through trees
The little seven-year-old boy smashed his tiny hand on the red button repeatedly and irritably. The doll on the other side of the glass did little to entertain him; it just kept popping up and down, and swaying from side to side. The music blaring from the mini speaker on the doll’s tummy wasn’t helping either; the Doraemon theme song was already lame on its own.*
Sighing, the boy let his hands fall to his sides in utter dejection and turned away from the machine. He was ready to let his 5 yen coin go in peace.
The brown-haired boy had grown a tidbit too old for the indoor arcade of the local mall and their silly games. They fascinated him at first, but it was years ago. No, if there was anything he specifically liked other than volleyball and aliens at the moment, it had to be the menagerie. Don’t all kids love the zoos and animals?
“Mom, mom! Can we go to the menagerie today? I don
:iconhuevette:huevette 11 9
here's to another year by huevette here's to another year :iconhuevette:huevette 3 0
these last minutes | sugawara koushi
It was too late to go out.
Christmas lights that once beautifully illuminated the rows of stores, had by then ceased their scintillating as the store owners were preparing to call it a night. The cheerful crowd that had occupied the colorful city center--whose mirthful laughter you could hear from all the way up--had begun to disperse seventeen minutes ago. The festive music blaring from the loudspeakers of each and every malls had been constant for five hours straight. You had hated the deafening noises, but then you started to miss them once silence was all that was left.
Snow seemed to fall in thicker masses, covering the world you knew in a coat of white so immeasurably thick as you stared out to the sky from your balcony. Spending your night alone on the 24th wasn’t your ideal date, but alas, here you were.
“It’s fine,” you had told Suga on the phone, a screaming pang of loneliness twisting in your stomach but you tried to focus on assuring him that it was
:iconhuevette:huevette 16 9


Of Lights, Romance and Spies | Kuroo Bokuto Oikawa
The hustle and bustle of the crowds meandered by you, gloved palms and a frost-bitten nose pressed up against the bakery's window. The bright blues, greens and reds of Christmas lights sparkled within your pools of [color], irreproachable and full of wonderment at the display of holiday treats. Cheesecakes, shortcakes, cupcakes and iced, sugar cookies lined up for your eyes to feast upon, decorated individually and waiting to be purchased by families and happy couples alike.
The urge to lick your lips or, quite honestly, the glass was all to prominent and had it not been for the elderly couple putting you under perturbed scrutinization you probably would have. Quickly, you jolted away from you smooshed position and waved in hopes of conveying you weren't a homeless wanderer; you were just out in the freezing temperatures to enjoy the sights while you counted the days down to your brief, but anticipated weekend home.
Until then, you were single and ready to mingle. . . Also known as win
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 176 33
Glasses Tooru by Hazeldrop Glasses Tooru :iconhazeldrop:Hazeldrop 337 8 Detroit: Become Human - Connor by AjamsDraws Detroit: Become Human - Connor :iconajamsdraws:AjamsDraws 317 4 Detroit: Become Human - Markus by AjamsDraws Detroit: Become Human - Markus :iconajamsdraws:AjamsDraws 293 17 Detroit: Become Human - Kara by AjamsDraws Detroit: Become Human - Kara :iconajamsdraws:AjamsDraws 511 25 Detroit Become Toddler by Shekye-Cat Detroit Become Toddler :iconshekye-cat:Shekye-Cat 247 23 The Kwoon Room - BFMTIAS by Alison-lynn The Kwoon Room - BFMTIAS :iconalison-lynn:Alison-lynn 18 2 Peter and the Dragon by ChasingArtwork Peter and the Dragon :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 3,133 108 The Hardest Part of the Job by RamblingRhubarb The Hardest Part of the Job :iconramblingrhubarb:RamblingRhubarb 154 9 HQ - (bokuto + akaashi) Arabian clothing by Evil-usagi HQ - (bokuto + akaashi) Arabian clothing :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 941 35
the law of averages | todoroki shouto
todoroki shouto x f!reader
warning: profanity, a lil bit of blood
prompt: at 18, everyone receive a superpower. your childhood friend got a power-absorption, your best friend got time control, and they quickly rise into top 100 most powerful superheroes. you got a mediocre superpower, but somehow got into the top 10. today they visit you asking how you did it.
It starts off simply.
Too simply, perhaps, but what children and greed have in common is a naivety that prevents thinking from anyone else's perspective.
Uraraka leans her head against your shoulder, Todoroki's hand is in yours, and everything seems right in the world.
But it's not.
And maybe, because the three of you know this too well, this is why you don't feel fear of the inevitable, of Uraraka and Todoroki going to war and leaving you behind. You stare at your 18-year-old hands and wonder if they're good for anything more than dropping second chances.
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 35 7
Not the Answer | Markus x Reader | Detroit
“Markus, you know this. If you take that approach you'll alienate the public! Nobody will want to support you!”
North had her convincing ways, but you were trying your damn hardest to make Markus understand that there wasn't just one option here. He had stormed away from you as soon as you had tried to talk to him, but when he was soon enough cornered in a room at the back of Jericho he just flopped down in the nearest seat and put his head in his hands.
You pulled one over to join him, and gently touched his back.
“I want you to understand that things will be alright. You just have to trust me. Violence begets violence, it won't put us anywhere but a landfill.”
His hands slipped slowly down his tan face and revealed his heterochromatic eyes. They flitted over to you before he let out a heavy sigh and sat up properly in his seat.
“We're not making enough progress [Y/N]. North might be right. If we use force they'll have no choice but to listen to us.
:iconvanillametal:VanillaMetal 28 6
one. the spark.
★ title : the spark (1/3)
★ characters : greek hero! akaashi keiji / female! slave! reader ( and a bit of greek hero! bokuto)
★ genre : drama, angst, romance, EVERYTHING 
★ notes : hello! this is the first part of my first three-part story. i've recently read the song of achilles, and leaning towards the iliad; anD LET ME TELL YOU!! I WAS RUINED. plus, i love akaashi and here he is in my writing. i hope you all like this fic and look forward to it :heart: ps read the description pls
~ ★ ~
  "You're beautiful."
    I whisper, a smile ghosting my lips. The chuckle that replies my statement seems to ignite warmth within my chest. What a melodious sound that was, I could not tire of it- ever. There it is, the face that was told to be carved by the gods. It delights me so to see a striking smile painted on it. There are also a hint of a rosy hue brushed on its cheeks. A peek of golden skin shining against the sunshine- it doesn
:iconlunarosej:lunarosej 24 12
twwm - Wildflower field by owlapin twwm - Wildflower field :iconowlapin:owlapin 780 17 Blooming fern by dinabelenko Blooming fern :icondinabelenko:dinabelenko 379 29 swoons by Muchinery swoons :iconmuchinery:Muchinery 63 7


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