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Mickey fires his South Park counterpart

Mickey is fed up with the reputation his South Park twin is building for him, so he fires him.

Mickey Mouse belongs to Disney.

South Park belongs to Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
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Oswald Icon : :fury: Don't you *Grabs South Park Mickey's shirt, scaring him* ever ruin or make fun of my little brother's good reputation or I will call the cops on you! *Lets go* You hear me? South Park Mickey: 😨 Yes. *Runs away*

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Oswald: *Storms up to you* "and you, stop spamming comment sections or I'll confiscate your phone. Got it?"

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to save the reputation of mickey

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South park mickey mouse is a ripoff

Stfu, Mickey. It’s not unbelievable that an animal abuser could be a corporate douchbag. Think back to when you served on a riverboat for Pete.

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just forget about it : I hope you go to jail for destroying my little brother's good reputation.

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Oswald: *Comes to his senses* "Wha?...Why was I picking a fight?"

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Doesn’t South Park tell the truth?

It's only the truth if you see it as the truth.

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