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Me and the boys as we're looking for Woody. by huckleberrypie Me and the boys as we're looking for Woody. :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 6 3 Gabby Gabby as Maryellen by huckleberrypie Gabby Gabby as Maryellen :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 9 0 Jodl has his hair shaved. by huckleberrypie Jodl has his hair shaved. :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 4 1 Let's Go To The Movies by huckleberrypie Let's Go To The Movies :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 2 0 Galaxy S6 Edge render. by huckleberrypie Galaxy S6 Edge render. :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 3 0 Shirley's Nexus 6 by huckleberrypie Shirley's Nexus 6 :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 2 0 Aiden Pearce in Kit Kittredge? by huckleberrypie Aiden Pearce in Kit Kittredge? :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 2 1 GTA: Cincinnati draft. by huckleberrypie GTA: Cincinnati draft. :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 2 2 Kit's Island by huckleberrypie Kit's Island :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 1 1 Emily Bennett Meet dress pattern by huckleberrypie Emily Bennett Meet dress pattern :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 15 2
Cyber-Law's A Tad Too Wrong
When we're not looking
The pigs here had cooked up a law*
Some stuff you're posting
Might bring you to your final straw**
Lad named Aquino signed a new bill again***
Said it's for good but people cringed, rant and then
All of the 'Net's been cryin'
Cyber-law's a tad too wrong
Cyber-law's a tad too wrong
I'm in prison
People will fear 'bout Facebook shares
And before long, the cops are there
One tiny jab, the slammer's open for you
Oh, golly
Even with just file-sharing
Government insist's they're wrong
Cyber-law's a tad too wrong, it's way too strong
I know of other real ills that are more worth addressing
Social reform, and the right to us knowing****
Golly, cyber-law's a tad too wrong
Oh, golly
Even with just file-sharing
Government insist's they're wrong
Cyber-law's a tad too wrong, it's way too strong
I know of other real ills that are more worth addressing
Social reform, and the right to us knowing
Golly, cyber-law's a tad too wrong
* - The Republic Act No. 10175, aka the Cybercrim
:iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 2 0
American Girls Premiere DVD by huckleberrypie American Girls Premiere DVD :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 8 16 Kit's Sandals by huckleberrypie Kit's Sandals :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 3 1 Kit Kittredge. by huckleberrypie Kit Kittredge. :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 13 3 Definitely, Verrat by huckleberrypie Definitely, Verrat :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 21 2 That's no Rose, Jack. by huckleberrypie That's no Rose, Jack. :iconhuckleberrypie:huckleberrypie 6 0


Many thanks to karly05 and Safi Kittykat
"Woody, honey, are you alright?"
It was Bo. It was always Bo. Woody smiled in his sleep
"Woody come on, we're going to try to sneak into the living room and watch TV" Jessie woke Woody from his slumber. Bonnie had gone to school for the day and the house was silent.
"Huh, oh Hey Jessie" Woody opened one eye, and then the other, squinting at the sunlight pouring through the window, "Sure sure, let me find my hat first"
"Ok, I'll see you in the living room," she turned back to Buzz and the two walked hand in hand out of the room.
Seeing the two of them together made Woody both smile and frown at the same time. Jessie was like a sister to him, and he was glad she and Buzz were happy together, but his mind fell back to the time they had been a foursome, when she was with them, with him.
"You coming?" Buttercup motioned towards the open door with his horn. Woody nodded, sitting up. He fished under the bed for his hat, finally finding it nea
:iconactionman81:actionman81 2 0
No Name Town- Character busts 3 by TheMusicalCC No Name Town- Character busts 3 :iconthemusicalcc:TheMusicalCC 16 9 Strawberry Shortcake by godsguy39 Strawberry Shortcake :icongodsguy39:godsguy39 6 0 The hard-knock streets by EACR The hard-knock streets :iconeacr:EACR 5 5 Eliza by MZ21 Eliza :iconmz21:MZ21 15 6 Big Slider Pack by OneEuroMutt Big Slider Pack :icononeeuromutt:OneEuroMutt 45 37 Me, Eloise! by PsychoTasmanian Me, Eloise! :iconpsychotasmanian:PsychoTasmanian 14 11 elementary qtcurve 1.2 by lgsalvati elementary qtcurve 1.2 :iconlgsalvati:lgsalvati 58 45 Grace Thomas (GOTY 2015) by Idontknowwhoyouknow Grace Thomas (GOTY 2015) :iconidontknowwhoyouknow:Idontknowwhoyouknow 19 19 Artist Tile: Kit by Magical-Mama Artist Tile: Kit :iconmagical-mama:Magical-Mama 16 14 Snooty Girl by Shasiel Snooty Girl :iconshasiel:Shasiel 2 0 Hats Off To Madeline.... by tellywebtoons Hats Off To Madeline.... :icontellywebtoons:tellywebtoons 27 101 Madeline by gurliebot Madeline :icongurliebot:gurliebot 223 72 American Girl by SOLAR-CiTRUS American Girl :iconsolar-citrus:SOLAR-CiTRUS 298 75 Spam Spam Spam by Cassini90125 Spam Spam Spam :iconcassini90125:Cassini90125 52 57


Gabby Gabby as Maryellen
Upon seeing the character of Gabby Gabby in Toy Story 4, it kind of reminded me of Maryellen Larkin from the American Girl doll line, though as we all know Gabby was a thinly-veiled parody of Chatty Cathy, a line of talking dolls from Mattel which was first released in 1959 and had a miniature wind-up phonograph.

Couldn't resist editing a drawing of Gab into Ellie, so there you go.
Let's Go To The Movies
Inspired by the theatre scene from the 1982 musical film "Annie", obviously. Funny how I used Agent 47 in his tuxedo outfit to stand in for Daddy Warbucks, lulz. I rigged the Annie model myself after ripping her from The Sims 3, though she is still lacking face flexes. Feel free to help out if you'd like to improve on it as it's my first SFM addon. ;)

Frankly speaking, dA's user registration security is next to nothing. How come a site like this isn't arsed at tightening their defenses, when Google and others managed to curb out account hijacking cases?

Sorry if I'm being harsh here, but I just want to vent.
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Huck Jones

Not much to say, but I'm just a geek who likes gangsta rap, comedy and all the photoshopping stuff...

I'm also a computer techinician by profession, and an avid R&B fan. Most of my deviations are based on my interests, memes, and whatever it is that's fun.

God Bless and enjoy...

Favourite genre of music: Big Band, Swing, R&B
Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android
Shell of choice: Aero or GNOME
Favourite cartoon character: Strawberry Shortcake

GTA V Stamp by horses27
GTA IV Stamp by XPYahhh


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