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can't wait any longer....... please release this one..... hurry :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
we...neeed ...this...Waaaah!
esta lindo el mod,pero tambien podrias hacer el mismo mod pero sin modificar el rostro y pelo de Mai...personalmente ami me gustan los mods con el rostro y pelo original
donde puedo descargarlo
Man..couldnt resist commenting again...outfit is just that good of my favs ..great job
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i feel hungry to looking her at this outfit.. La la la la  just awesome..  Love 
My girl!come on guys,let's leave more comment, so huchi knows we want this mod.
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Thanks!NAOTORA can be THIS ?? Would be better
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If you add BLACK silk stockings Would be better.Thank you.
I'm really grateful to you
I'm really grateful to you.
She has a sexy look
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Gotta LOVE that foxy look!
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No words except <3
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I like the hair on her.
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huchi001  who do i have to kill  for a  download link ?  this mod looks great   but  is it  finished and can it be downloaded  (and you didn't answer  same questions about naotora Ii mod )  Clap 
Download address thank you
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